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How to Add a Photo to a Forum Post

Hey guys, Alex here! I’m going to walk through this ‘how to’ with you.

First things first: there’s so many different reasons to upload a photo to a forum post. Whether it’s to illustrate a point, inspire others, get critique or simply share an image. Sometimes a photo really does speak a thousand words.  

For this tip, i’ll show how I’d share a photo of my son to a forum post.

Adding a photo to a forum thread

To add/insert a photo to a post you are making in the forum, do this:

1. Select the section of the forum where you want to post the image. (This includes those looking to respond to an existing thread topic with an image).

(In this example, I want to post my photo in the people category)

help reply forum 0001

2. Click on the green "New Topicbutton

help reply forum 0002

3. Enter the text portion of the thread or response you’re including with the photo

help reply forum 0003

4. Click on the "Select Attachmentsbutton

help reply forum 0004

5. Click on "Add files" and select the photo you want to insert

help reply forum 0005

6. Click on the "Insertbutton to insert the photo directly into the forum post or thread

help reply forum 0006

7. Scroll above to your post and position your mouse where you want the photo embedded > THEN, scroll back down and click on the green "In Messagebutton.

help reply forum 0007

8. Lastly, click on the "Submit" button from the bottom to make the post live

help reply forum 0008

There you go! Now you’ve got an awesome photo post on the forum.  

The ‘oops’ moment - Editing the post

Need to edit? Easy.

From the published post:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the post > Click the arrow on the ‘Reply’ button

  2. Click the "Edit" feature

  3. Make your changes and "Save"

on Friday April 22 by Sean
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