It's a kind of photography that has made a reputation of being difficult, but ironically it's in growing demand. Product photography is enjoying popularity from all sorts of markets and it is making a name for itself as a solution to all kinds of needs.

From international corporations, to individual online retailers and eBayers, everybody needs a quality picture of an object at some point. People who work in sales will tell you the difference between selling an item and being stuck with it is often lies in the impact of an image.

It used to be expensive and it used to be hard to take professional level photographs, but all that has changed.

A company called Proceed that specializes in professional cycloramas, green screens and infinity backgrounds has a very interesting series of products everything you know about how product photography is done. The MyStudio line of products was designed to give you absolutely everything you need to take a professional photo of a product. Everything except the camera, which doesn't even have to be an expensive one.

One of the major drawbacks of "classic" product photography is the need to use flash. Flashes are expensive, and while you can do a decent job with just one, if you want commercial results you're going to need more than just one light source. Using multiple flashes also requires some experience, which in all fairness takes time, and that makes it even scarier. MyStudio has eliminated the lighting problem. The included 5000k color balanced fluorescent lights are very easy to use and because they are continuous light sources, they save a lot of trial time.

MyStudio MS20 table top photo studio 2

Every kit has a seamless background that is perfect for photographing items without those nasty shadows beginners struggle with when they improvise a background by using a wall or a sheet.

In essence, MyStudio systems are miniature replicas of much larger, professional cycloramas. Such large scale studios cost a small fortune and to actually have a return on the investment, you have to be somewhere very high in the photography market, and not even that is a guarantee. These systems are aimed at real world needs of real world photographers.

These systems are designed so that even people with very few photography skills can get very good results. But if they're used by someone with minimum photography and lighting skills, the potential results can be of true professional quality.

MyStudio MS32 table top photo studio pink purse

The fact that they’re portable is a fantastic feature for photographers who know the work doesn't come to you and that you have to go find it. Who do we recommend the MyStudio line for? Any photographer, beginner or advanced amateur with an interest in still life, stock and product photography who has as less than ideal budget for investments, we know there are plenty of you out there so have fun!