How to Buy Flash & Lighting

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.

- Diane Arbus

Flash Modifiers

It's time to talk about flash diffusers. You've probably seen some amazing photos that have remained stored in your memory, photos with amazing light that you just don't know how it was created. Such images are created by masters of lighting who know exactly what tools to use for the job. If you take a flash, any flash, no matter if it's a pop-up flash or a $1000 studio light, and fire it at the...

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Off Camera Flashes

Lighting creatively is one of the biggest challenges beginning and amateur photographers have to face. First of all, there is the taboo of using flash that has been spread by hipsters and artsy types who only work with natural light because it's the purest. The reality of that is they just don't know how to use anything else. With that said, let's start educating you about off camera flashes....

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Types of Light Sources

When you go shopping for flashes and continuous lights, it means you are determined to explore photography and get to the very core of it: light. Natural light is all around us, and to be honest, learning how to use isn't all that hard if you work enough. But creating your own light is a whole new level. We're going to guide you and help you make the right purchase. First, let's have a look at...

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