How to Photograph Lightning

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

- Alfred Stieglitz

Staying Safe

Let's start with two simple facts. Lightning photography can be spectacular and it can boost your portfolio and value as a photographer. It's also a lot easier to do now with the help of lightning sensors . However none of these facts matter when it comes to personal safety. Before you set out to photograph lightning, you must first acknowledge the most important fact of all: safety always comes...

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Essential Tips

Lightning will always be one of nature's most interesting phenomena and obviously a very interesting subject for nature and landscape photographers. It is therefore pursued by many photographers with different levels of experience. With that said, we'd like to help the less experienced ones with a few essential tips. Camera & Settings Any camera with manual controls is ok, although we recommend...

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How to Buy a Camera Lightning ...

Lightning photography is by far one of the most spectacular subgenres of nature and landscape photography. The trouble with it is that it’s hard to capture a perfect beam of lightning on camera. Or is it? Thanks to lightning sensors, capturing a beautiful flash from the sky is no longer an issue. These things can virtually do it all for you. But buying one can be confusing and making the wrong...

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