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Do you want to tell better stories with your pictures?

Master lighting, compositions and exposure in every picture.

Learn from over 600 courses and connect to nearly 3 Million Photographers

Yes, Make Me a Better Photographer
  • Do you want to take pictures that tell a story? Your camera is your connection to the world. You want to take photos that communicate, and make an audience feel something. You want to capture a mood. You want pictures that preserve moments, make memories and tell your story because no one sees it like you.
  • Do you want to capture better shots, sooner? You’ve read every photography book there is, spent more money than you’d like to think about on expensive courses and gear.. but feel like when it comes down to it, there’s something missing in your photos. The worst part is you don’t know what it is. You just crave the feeling that comes from taking a great photo.
  • Do you have a lot of gear, but don’t know how to use it? You spend hours browsing photography gear, but put it all to use, and it doesn’t turn out right. You feel like you’re lost without a map, and it’s hard to navigate the photography world.. and all the buttons on your camera.
  • Feel like there’s too much to learn and so little time? Portrait, macro, landscape.. whether you’re just starting or a pro, great photographers never stop learning. You know there’s so much information out there. We know it’s easy to forget it when you need it most, and you want it all in one place.

For better pictures and better stories, there's PhotographyTalk

PhotographyTalk is the place that teaches and inspires photographers to take better pictures

Master the photography skills and software you need to bring your visions to life, and build a thriving career or a passion. Learn from hundreds of lessons from the industry professionals. Start using proven tips and tell better stories with your camera today, while you connect with people who love photography as much as you do.

Get every answer, resource and photography must-have in one place. PhotographyTalk helps you do more with your photos.

"I love to see photo how-to sites that are actually about photography and give reliable how-to advice. is exactly that site. I love the energy and enthusiasm there that makes you feel good about being a photographer."

- Rob Sheppard


Education + Community

Over 600 lessons, nearly 3 million members

Yes, Make Me a Better Photographer

Here's what PT is all about...


The power to take your photography to a new level

Get hundreds of detailed resources for whatever type of photography you’re into: macro, portrait, landscape and everything else. There’s world-class guides, tips and critiques for every kind of photographer and resources for every kind of photography.

"PhotographyTalk has helped me develop into the photographer I am today."

- Scott Lazuka
Fine Art Photographer

Network With Photographers. On the Forum, or In Your Inbox.

Rub shoulders with celebrity photographers, award-winning experts and passionate creatives. Get exposure for your photography and connect to the best in the business.

"PhotographyTalk's site is great, but their forum is where it shines. The community is very lively and there's no lack of information to talk about. It's a fantastic place to hang out!."

- Howard Pinksy


Your One Guide to Photography Software and Programs

Master the photography software you need to bring your visions to life. Learn and use tools like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and more… to tweak the little things, change the mood or create an entirely other image. Learn the tools that mean the possibilities for your photographs never end.

"The concept of Photography Talk is outstanding. It provides support and education for those serious about their photography – expanding their technical and creative skills, as well as adding to their business concepts and tools."

- Doug Goodell

Get Real Feedback from Real Photographers

With over 2.9 million members, you’ll find everyone from beginners to seasoned pros. It’s where photographers discuss their photos, start great conversations and get useful critique.

"What I love about PhotographyTalk is the feeling that you're not on just another website. PT is a community that's every bit as passionate about photography as I am. And that's why I keep coming back for more."

- Gavin Hoey


Learn About Photography Gear

PT keeps you in the loop about every piece of new gear on the market. Share your gear, learn how to use it (down to the little features you didn’t know about) and explore more photography equipment at every angle.

"PhotographyTalk is the bomb! It’s a great place to research equipment and see what photographers are saying..."

- Tom Pickering

PT Teaches You How to Capture a Mood and Communicate Ideas Through Your Photos

Yes, Make Me a Better Photographer

Examples of how current community members are doing just that...

Jiuzhaigou Saknarong
Eagle Own Close Up PT Discovery
Sunrise in autumn in New Zealand PT Discovery
Jiuzhaigou Saknarong
Jiuzhaigou Saknarong

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world-class photography lessons and videos


Success Interviews with leading Photographers like Tony Sweet, Michael Freeman, Etc.


less expensive than most leading Photography Schools (in fact, basic access is free!)

"PhotographyTalk is a first class, in-depth resource for all things photography.
It is, in my opinion, the best resource currently on the web."

- William Benson

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Here's our answers to the ones we get a lot.

PhotographyTalk is different because we help you tell better stories with your photographs, through our expansive library of 600+ lessons and videos that cover everything from Adobe software to starting your own photography business. We also have a buzzing forum where you and like-minded photographers can connect, ask and answer questions about anything. You can get your photos critiqued, build meaningful relationships and even network with pro photographers. We offer contests, giveaways and we update our resources hourly. We’re the only photography site where you’ll find everything you need in one place.
Anyone can get gets FREE access to PhotographyTalk, like our articles and some of our resources. But when you join with PT or PT+ that’s when the real magic happens. You get access to so much more, including full access to lessons, videos, success interviews and the best photography resources in the industry. It’s also risk-free, you’ll get a one week trial of a paid plan and you get every cent back if you don’t like it in 90 days. It’s your best risk-free opportunity.
You can master any photography skill you want with PhotographyTalk. With any PT+ membership, we GUARANTEE you’ll be a better photographer, which is why we’re giving you a FREE 1 week trial on both paid plans.
You can join PhotographyTalk now by clicking the button below for your 1 week FREE trial (including our famous no-risk 90-day money-back guarantee). You can get started being a better photographer in less than 2 minutes.

Tell better stories with your pictures

Capture meaningful moods and connect to the world with your camera.

The full PT lesson library complete with success interviews and exclusive resources is now yours free for a double-guarantee. Don’t pay a cent, get a free trial and a 90-day money back guarantee when you click ‘join’.