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Learn & Explore Series Episode 110

"Light Box Photography Cards"

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Did You Know?

A standard deck of playing cards contains 52 Cards . . . A year has 52 Weeks . . . Light Box Photography Cards offers up 52 different photo challenges you can do every week for an entire year!

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Did You Know?

Paul's first deck of cards was the massively successful - and award winning - Foto Grafis deck, which shipped to over two dozen different countries.

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Did You Know?

During Paul's wonderfully diverse and unconventional career, he has worked for Lucasfilm, shot the Ford GT for a book on the supercar and has visited some of the most haunted places in America.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Paul Michael Kane
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with the very basics about Light Box Photography Cards, what are they?
  2. If you have listened to our show, you’ll know we love jumping into the ‘way back machine’, Paul if you would, take us back to the day that you decided to start this company. When you woke up that day, what was the reason for starting this company?
  3. Now when you started this company, you had a certain audience or shall we say avatar you wanted to attract, can you share with us who this person is?
  4. How do you feel your cards compare to others on the market?
  5. How do these cards work?
  6. To enjoy these cards, what sort of camera gear do I need to have?
  7. Can these cards be used by all photographers regardless of their skillset?
  8. What about kids who are just learning photography?
  9. What sort of paper are these prints put on?
  10. What sort of topics are covered?
  11. What are the bonus cards that each deck comes with?
  12. Walk me through the process of ordering these cards.
  13. How long does it take to process and ship my order?
  14. How are these shipped?
  15. Final Question Paul: What is the ONE word that best describes these cards?

About Lightbox Photography Cards:

One of the wonderful gifts my success as a photographer has granted me is the ability to inspire creativity in others. I love teaching the the craft of creating eye-catching images and LightBox Photography Cards will give me the chance to reach out, on a global scale, to share my vision, pass on the techniques I use in my own photography, and help propel your own image making to new levels.


http://backerclub.co/Each card back features a different quote from notable image makers of the past to the present . . . from industry legends to contemporary shooters, it's my hope you'll draw the same inspiration from these valuable words of wisdom as I have.

Now here's where the fun begins . . . the card faces are where all the action happens. Here's the concept - you are in need of some creative inspiration. Maybe you just got a new camera for the holidays . . . or are simply looking for new things to shoot . . . You grab your deck of LightBox Photography Cards, give them a shuffle and pick a card.

The face of each LightBox Photography Card will showcase a different photographic challenge. Assignments like:

  • Card #005: Photograph Machinery
  • Card #017: Photograph Solitude
  • Card #048: Photograph Patterns

Under each challenge is a small write-up to better define the assignment. The cards are also numbered for easy reference. There are icons to consider as well - these are highlighted in orange when certain gear, like a tripod, flash or filters are recommended. 

The image found on the face of each card is my own challenge solution with some camera settings that factor into the creation of that particular image. 

Each card offers up a different challenge, some designed to be simple and easy to accomplish, while others will push your creativity and ingenuity to new heights. How long you spend on the assignment is up to you . . . an hour . . . a day? As you'll read below - the assignment doesn't just stop there. With all the social media surrounding this project, you'll be able to share your image and get some constructive critiques and instruction from other LightBox users!

All the assignment cards have been designed and locked in. The three samples above are just the tip of the iceberg! I'll be releasing more of the face cards during the campaign, but not all - where would the fun be in that?

In the spirit of teaching and instruction, every deck of LightBox Photography Cards comes with some bonus cards. One of which will be a 3-in-1 Grey card that will help you to easily color correct your images in post production (look for an update with a 3-in-1 tutorial soon!). The other is a photography cheat sheet to help remind you of the different settings your camera might offer.