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Learn & Explore Series Episode 112

"Tampa Bay Photo Shootout"

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Did You Know?

The Tampa Bay Photo Shootout is a three day photography festival featuring a dozen professional photography instructors teaching over 30 different photography workshops.

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Did You Know?

Past Photo Shootouts have drawn photographers from around the world, with photographers traveling to participate in the event from two dozen different US states and several countries including England, Russia, and Canada.

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Did You Know?

Tampa Bay is the largest open-water estuary in Florida. It is 5 to 10 miles wide along most of its length, covering approximately 400 square miles, yet has an average water depth of only about 12 feet. It is home to dozens of bird species, marine mammals like dolphins and manatees, 5 species of sea turtle, and over 200 species of fish.

Special Thanks to
Industry Experts: Nicole and Jason Hahn
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with: What is the “Tampa Bay Photo Shootout”?
  2. As you know, we love jumping in the wayback machine, so take us back to the day that this “Tampa Bay Photo Shootout” was thought of. What was the original inspiration?
  3. How many photography workshops/events do you have every year?
  4. When you came up with this concept, I’m sure you had a particular audience or avatar that you wanted to attract. Can you share with us who that person is?
  5. What makes this event so unique?
  6. What made you select Tampa for this venue… What do you like most about photographing Tampa?
  7. What programs does it offer?
  8. How many instructors will be at this event?
  9. Are there workshops for advanced or professional photographers as well as photo enthusiasts and hobbyists?
  10. Tampa is a very family friendly city, for those traveling in for the event with their families, is this a kid friendly event?
  11. Now you have a mentoring program, can you expound a little about this?
  12. What sort of experience do you want attendee’s to walk away with after this event?
  13. What does registration include?
  14. How can someone register for this event?
  15. Hot seat question! What is the one word that you feel best describes this event?