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Learn & Explore Series Episode 114

"Bolivia Photography Workshops"

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Did You Know?

Bolivia’s wet season is the BEST season to see the Uyuni Salt Flats when they become ‘another world’. It’s not the same as the dry season. The rainy season begins in December and lasts until late March or early April. Sometimes all that is required is a few inches of water for the spectacle to blow your mind. Other times, the water is too deep to cross the salt flats but you can go in a kilometer or so and still get a jaw-dropping experience that is found nowhere else on this earth. Yes, there are other salt flats that flood, but the Uyuni Salt Flats are the biggest in the world by a long shot…and that makes all the difference in what you see and experience. You need to come prepared for cool temps and wet conditions, but also be ready for blue skies and white puffy clouds and very warm conditions. It’s best to dress in layers anytime of the year and bring some rubber boots during the rainy season as the salty water will destroy leather and any synthetic hiking boots.

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Did You Know?

Fine Art Prints are viewable for your pleasure and to see the amazing variety of landscapes where our photo tours are traveling to. Our expertise is Bolivia and the Altiplano but we also head into the Amazon rainforest. The prints showcase a great variety of photography made in Bolivia, Nepal, New Zealand and Peru - all spectacular destinations that offer non-stop photo ops, no matter where you are. You can order prints easily, pay for them and have them delivered directly to your door. They make perfect gifts for friends and family and will make any room come alive!

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Did You Know?

For a very detailed explanation of what photo gear to take as well as what clothing to bring on a tour, we provide lots of current and accurate information about that in our Equipment page. We not only discuss the pros and cons of different gear but also what to consider when doing a specialty tour like ours. Come prepared with what you have and follow our information packets and we will make sure your photography tour is unforgettable.

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Industry Expert: Sergio Ballivian
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. As you know, we love jumping in the wayback machine, so take us back to the day that you decided to set up your very first Bolivia Photo Workshop. What was the original inspiration?
  2. How many photography workshops do you have every year?
  3. When you first set this workshop up, I’m sure you had a particular audience or avatar that you wanted to attract. Can you share with us who that person is
  4. What makes this Bolivia workshop different from others offered there?
  5. Can you expound a little on the dates you are offering this workshop?
  6. Bolivia is known for its serenity, beauty and amazing selection of wildlife. What sort of wildlife can one expect to see during one of these workshops?
  7. Can you share with us, let’s say the top 3 landscapes that attendees just love to photograph here?
  8. How many instructors will be at this event?
  9. Are these workshops for advanced or professional photographers as well as photo enthusiasts and hobbyists?
  10. What sort of weather can one expect this time of year?
  11. How can someone register for this workshop?
  12. What does registration include?
  13. What sort of attire should one bring with them?
  14. What sort of experience do you want attendee’s to walk away with after attending one of these workshops?
  15. Hot seat question! What is the one word that you feel best describes these Bolivia workshops?