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Learn & Explore Series Episode 115

"Capturing Couture"

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Did You Know?

Iceland has the largest glacier in Europe. "Vatnajökull" covers most of the interior of the island.

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Did You Know?

Iceland is home to one of the greatest concentrations of geysers in the world, and in fact the English word "geyser" comes from the Icelandic word "geysir."

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Did You Know?

Iceland is actually much greener than Greenland! Iceland has numerous areas of verdant, pastoral farm land and meadows.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Erika Koorndyk
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with the very basics, what is Capturing Couture?
  2. If you have listened to our show, you’ll know we love jumping into the ‘way back machine’, Erika if you would, take us back to the day that you decided to start this company. When you woke up that day, what was your inspiration for doing so?
  3. Now when you started this company, you had a certain audience or shall we say avatar you wanted to attract, I know we are talking about photographers, can you tell us about this photographer?
  4. Let’s talk about these swanky camera straps you have, what sort of camera were these designed for?
  5. You mind me asking who is the designer for these?
  6. How do you feel your camera straps compare to others on the market?
  7. The build quality looks amazing on these, what sort of materials are these made from?
  8. How do these fasten to the camera?
  9. I was admiring your various collections on your site and came across these Peruvian Camera Straps that look like there is just so much detail to them. Can you talk about these?
  10. I’m going to dig deeper, another unique strap I saw were these Scarf Straps… can you talk to us about these?
  11. How many different material patterns do you offer total for all your straps?
  12. With so many collections and designs, I know this is going to be a tough question… which are your top 3 favorite?
  13. For years, camera straps have been… just black… nothing really too them. Fast forward to where we are now… and you are offering so many different options. What sort of comments are you hearing back from your clients?
  14. Where can these be bought?
  15. Final Question Erika: What is the ONE word that best describes these camera straps?