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Learn & Explore Series Episode 122


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Did You Know?

KeepSnap's founder came up with the project's idea when he noticed that people have almost no quality group/couple photos taken while traveling.

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Did You Know?

Stock photo agencies pay literally peanuts to the photographers. Creators of KeepSnap believe that this is unjust and they decided to do it the right way.

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Did You Know?

People really feel like buying their photos from KeepSnap because they are personally attached to them.

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Industry Expert: Igor Shubovsky
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with the very basics: what is KeepSnap?
  2. As you know, we love jumping in the wayback machine, so take us back to the day that you decided to start this company. What was the original inspiration for doing so?
  3. When you launch a new company, you have a certain targeted audience or avatar in mind? Can you explain who that person is here?
  4. What makes KeepSnap different from similar companies out there?
  5. How many photographers are using this platform currently?
  6. Are photographers worldwide able to use your platform?
  7. Is your platform designed for both hobbyist and professional photographers?
  8. Can you expound a little on how KeepSnap works?
  9. What are the cost for using KeepSnap?
  10. What do you feel is the leading attraction for KeepSnap?
  11. Would you say this a great method for photographers to segue from corporate jobs to photography full time?
  12. Now I noticed on your site that you have a directory, can you talk to the listeners about this?
  13. I have to ask you,… your concept is amazing. Can share with us how the customer feedback loop is used within your company’s product development?
  14. Walk me through the process, a photographer would take when signing up?
  15. Hot seat question! What is the one word that you feel best describes KeepSnap?