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Learn & Explore Series Episode 13

"What are the fundamental skills all photographers should learn"

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Did You Know?

Understanding how your camera works is the first step towards taking better photos.

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Did You Know?

It doesn't matter what kind of camera you're using. What matters is that you know what makes a great photo.

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Did You Know?

When you learn to see the world like a photographer, you will see photos in your head before you even take out your camera.

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Industry Expert: George Delgado
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Which fundamental skills or concepts other than equipment are most important for a photographer to learn and understand?
  2. Does a person require any kind of prior knowledge to learn the fundamentals of photography?
  3. Is it better to enroll in a photography course to learn the basics instead of self-education?
  4. What photography basics should be included in a beginner course?
  5. Should a beginner or basics course include an advisor or counselor who can answer a student’s questions and guide him or her?
  6. What are the benefits of course contents on a set of CDs versus a classroom setting?
  7. Will a photographer learn the fundamentals better in a course that includes assignments?
  8. Should a beginner or basics course include content about management of digital files, backup methods and printing?
  9. How does a basics course teach the concept of composition?
  10. Should a beginners or basics course include a comprehensive overview of lighting techniques, both natural and artificial?
  11. Does a beginner course only focus on basic camera, lighting and compositional basics or will a photographer also learn about specific types of photography, e.g., landscape, portraits, etc.?
  12. What are the benefits of receiving a certificate upon completing a beginner course?
  13. How much should a photographer expect to pay for a beginner course?
  14. Does a beginner course have the flexibility to allow a photographer to work at his or her own pace?
  15. How important is the reputation and track record of the school offering a beginner course?