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Learn & Explore Series Episode 133

Zen of Photography

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Did You Know?

This course offers you the techniques to develop your own unique creative photography process.

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Did You Know?

Weekly Photo assignments are great for photographers of all skill levels.

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Did You Know?

Portfolio reviews are available via our online interactive galleries.

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Industry Expert: Brian Ross
Photo Safari Workshops
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with what is Zen of Photography online workshop?
  2. When you started this workshop, what was your original inspiration for doing so?
  3. When companies come up with a new product or service, they generally have a intended audience in mind. Can you share with us, who this person for this course?
  4. There are many online courses out there, how do you feel your course is different?
  5. How long does it take someone to complete the course?
  6. Are their homework assignments that need to be completed? How does that work?
  7. Can you share with me about “Introducing Light 101”?
  8. How about “Visual Grammar 201”?
  9. What is “Creative Photographic Process 301” about?
  10. And we come to “Zen Nature 401”, can you expound a little for the listeners and give a taste of what this segment is about?
  11. I have to ask… you’ve been shooting for over 25 and conducting popular in person workshops all around the world, what do you enjoy most about teaching people about your craft?
  12. Let’s talk about the requirements needed for this course. What sort of photographic gear is needed?
  13. What do you want students to walk away with after taking this course?
  14. What is the cost of this course and what does it include?
  15. How can you sign up for this course?