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Learn & Explore Series Episode 143


Did You Know?

Gifyyy was created by a wedding photographer! Ben Chernivsky, owners of This Is Feeling Photography (www.thisisfeeling.com) couldn’t find what he was looking for, so he teamed up with his college room-mate and put together a prototype. As a creative, Ben wanted a photo booth that was simple and portable - and a product that could benefit his photography business. It was too good of a product to keep to himself, so he started manufacturing units available to purchase.

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Did You Know?

The beautiful wooden legs are crafted after a vintage tripod that sold in the USA back in the 1950’s. Gifyyy almost shipped without the vintage looking wooden tripod, but after hearing how much other photographers loved the tripods, Gifyyy found a USA manufacturer willing to take the time to help re-manufacture the legs right here in the USA.

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Did You Know?

The software is deceivingly powerful. Although it’s a simple iOS app, Gifyyy also features an incredibly powerful web-based platform. Gifs are automatically uploaded to an online gallery, then a text message is sent to the user with a text link back to the gallery. The gallery features share buttons for social media, and it also captures the user’s email address for the Gifyyy owner. The web software also features marketing tools and branding customization.

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Industry Expert: Ben Chernivsky
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. To start off with the very basics, what is Gifyyy?
  2. Let’s jump in the way back machine, if you would… take us back to the very day you decided to start this company. What was the original inspiration for doing so?
  3. When a company comes out with a new product or service, they generally have a particular avatar or audience they want to attract. Can you share with us, who that person is here?
  4. Now you have a killer photo booth. How do you feel you differ from other companies out there who offer similar products?
  5. What are some key factors photographers should look for when investing in a photobooth?
  6. I’ve been meaning to ask you, after seeing your set up at WPPI, this looks like it might stow away with little space used, am I right?
  7. Speaking of which, I was noticing the swanky retro tripod you were using at the show. Which BTW was a nice touch! Was this for show or is this what you get when you pick up this photo booth?
  8. How long does it take to get your photobooth set up and ready for use?
  9. Can you walk us through how it gets used at an event?
  10. So the photographer has a database of contacts including cell phone numbers, can you expound on how this could be a valuable marketing tool for each event?
  11. For busy photographers does the software allow easy categorization and storage of events?
  12. When a user gets one of these Gifyyy’s, what else can they do with it?
  13. What else is needed to go live with this setup?
  14. What sort of warranty comes with?
  15. What is one word you believe best describes Gifyyy?