Learn & Explore Series Episode 149


Did You Know?

Fits in a pocket, weighs four ounces. Take it anywhere for camera stability on anything.

Did You Know?

HandlePod makes the world your tripod. Hold it or attach it to any support for instant tripod stability.

Did You Know?

Camera stability as simple as ONE, a HandlePod, TWO a firm support. THREE, your hand.

Special Thanks to Industry Expert:

Larry Saxton

Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Take us back to the very day that you started HandlePod, what was the original inspiration for doing so?
  2. When a company comes to market with a product, they generally have an avatar or person in mind they want to market too. Can you share with us who that person is here?
  3. Talk to me about what type of cameras work best on a HandlePod?
  4. Can this be used for video applications too?
  5. How do you feel the HandlePod differs from others on the market?
  6. What’s your policy on the type of material you use in your products? (This is to get you talking about the high quality of material used, this will also start opening that gap in the users mind about what separates your product from others, as well as you get what you pay for).
  7. How do you attach a camera to one of these?
  8. How secure is your camera while fastened to a HandlePod?
  9. Can this be used effectively for night photography?
  10. Now when this is folded up, is this something that will fit in pocket?
  11. I’ve noticed in some photos you have this strapped to trees and polls while the camera is attached. How are you doing this?
  12. How many axis points does this have to it?
  13. What sort of warranty comes with HandlePod?
  14. Where can HandlePod be purchased?
  15. What is the ONE word that you believe best describes HandlePod?