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Learn & Explore Series Episode 152

Special Interest Tours

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Did You Know?

The skies in Chile are so perfect for astronomy, most of the worlds new observatories are being built there alone.

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Did You Know?

According to the Indian Census, India has over has 122 major languages and over 1500 other languages/dialects.

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Did You Know?

The Lima-Huancayo railway in Peru is the second highest railway in the world and the highest railway in the Americas. The Pikes Peak Railway in Manitou Springs, Colorado is the highest railway in North America.

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Industry Expert: Anjali Bermain
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s do something fun and jump in the way back machine. If you would, bring us back to the very day, the very morning Special Interest Tours was founded. What was the original inspiration for doing so?
  2. Generally when a company brings a new product or service to market, they have a particular avatar or person in mind that they see as the ideal client. Can you share who that person is here with your tours?
  3. Now, what do you enjoy most about taking people to these amazing locations?
  4. Speaking of locations, how do you pick the ones you conduct your tours in?
  5. What do you suppose separates your tours from others in the same location?
  6. How many people do you permit in each tour?
  7. Let’s talk about your upcoming Northern Lights tour. When is it and can you expound on it a little?
  8. I’ve noticed you have a number of tours around railroads. If you would give the dates on these and tell us a little about each, that would be great!
  9. What do your tours typically include in the price?
  10. What sort of gear do you recommend attendees to bring with them for your typical tours?
  11. Are these open to beginners, intermediate or professional photographers?
  12. What sort of accommodations will be provided?
  13. To attend a Special Interest Tour, what is the process?
  14. What thoughts do you want attendee’s to walk away with after one of your tours?
  15. What is ONE word that you feel best describes your tours?