Learn & Explore Series Episode 154

Alpine Labs

Did You Know?

Alpine Labs was born from a kickstarter project and a desire to take better time lapses of wild places.
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Did You Know?

Project Yosemite used Alpine Labs' Radian to film the time lapses in Yosemite HD II.
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Did You Know?

BBC earth, National Geographic, Disney and The History Channel use Alpine Labs gear.
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Special Thanks to Industry Expert:

Greg Horvath

Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Take us back to the very day that you started Alpine Labs, what was the original inspiration for doing so?
  2. When a company comes to market with a product, they generally have an avatar or person in mind they want to market too. Can you share with us who that person is here?
  3. Now I see you have a variety of products you manufacture, which was your very first product to market?
  4. Talk to me about the Radian, what is?
  5. How do you feel the Radian differs from others on the market?
  6. Now your able to control this from your phone correct? Talk to me about the app that makes this possible.
  7. What cameras will work with the Radian?
  8. Ok, let’s shift gears and talk about this Pulse you have. Not your pulse to say, the new camera remote that you folks have brought to market!
  9. Who was this product designed for?
  10. Talk to me about the set up, and I can put this to work for me?
  11. Now this works from app as well, can you share with the users what all can be done from the app side?
  12. Full disclosure, I’ve been playing around with one of your Pulses and love this thing, this has turned into IMO, a “must have” in your pocket before you leave the house! What do you feel is the best feature of this thing?
  13. What sort of warranty comes with Alpine Lab products?
  14. Where can Alpine Labs products be purchased?
  15. What is the ONE word that you believe best describes Alpine Labs?