Learn & Explore Series Episode 157

Cradoc fotoSoftware

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A digital image doesn’t exist if it isn’t keyworded. You can’t sell them if they can’t be found. The fotoKeyword Harvester automates the process of keywording images and helps you develop quality blocks of keywords that actually work.
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FotoQuote is the only source of photo pricing information that includes powerful coaching help for every category. The combination of pricing info and valuable negotiation tips help you get paid fairly for your work. Prices by themselves don’t mean anything if you can’t convince your client that your image is worth what you’re asking.
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FotoBiz is the most powerful, affordable and easy to use photo business management software available for your stock and assignment photography estimating and billing needs. FotoBiz takes just about everything you hate about the business end of your profession and DOES IT FOR YOU in a simple and elegant way. You look professional and responsible, even when you’re pressed for time.
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Special Thanks to Industry Expert:

Cradoc Bagshaw & Inge Kautzmann

Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with, what is Cradoc fotoSoftware?
  2. What year was this company founded?
  3. Let’s jump in the way back machine, let’s go back to the very day you started this company. What was the original inspiration for doing so?
  4. When a company releases a product they generally have a particular avatar or audience in mind. Can you share who that person or company is here?
  5. How do you feel your software differs from others on the market?
  6. Will your software run on both PC and Mac?
  7. Let’s talk about fotoBiz X, what is this?
  8. And how about fotoQuote, can you expound on this a little?
  9. How many categories do you have in the new fotoQuote Pro 6?
  10. What do you feel is most unique about this software?
  11. This was one of your larger updates, what’s notably different with this version from last?
  12. Now I see you have a fotoKeyword Harvester too. I’ll bite, what’s that all about?
  13. How easy or difficult are these solutions out of the box?
  14. Do you offer a trial?
  15. What is the one word that you believe sums up Cradoc fotoSoftware?