Learn & Explore Series Episode 164

Discovery Photo Tours

Did You Know?

Beer remained illegal in Iceland until 1989.
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Did You Know?

The Icelandic language remains unchanged from ancient Norse. That means 1,000-year-old texts are still easily read.
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Did You Know?

Iceland was one of the last places on earth to be settled by humans.
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Special Thanks to Industry Experts:

Ken Kaminesky and Brian Fabiano

Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with, what is Discovery Photo Tours?
  2. Let’s go back to the very day you started this company. What was the original inspiration for doing so?
  3. When a company releases a product or service they generally have a particular avatar or audience in mind. Can you share who that person is here?
  4. What has been your proudest accomplishment to date for Discovery Photo Tours?
  5. It seems common that companies title their tours as the “Best” in their market. How do you feel ‘Discovery Photo Tours’ compares to others in the marketplace?
  6. Now you folks have 5 exciting and different photography tour locations listed on your website with Iceland being one of them. What was core motivator on selecting this spot?
  7. What is the date for this tour, and if you would expound a little on the number of guest permitted and who’s running the tour?
  8. Let’s talk about some of the hot spots one can expect to see and photograph during this tour?
  9. Let’s talk preparation for such a tour, is there any special gear needed and will you prep attendees on clothing recommended?
  10. What experience do you want a guest to walk away with after attending this tour?
  11. Take a minute and walk us through what a day on this tour might look like, from wake up to shut eye.
  12. Walk us through the ordering process, the cost, and what is included.
  13. Now you have gained so much buzz from the photography world since kicking things off, from the locations you are covering to the pedigree of talent running the tours. As one of the founders of Discovery Photo Tours, what does that mean to you?
  14. What is the one word that you believe sums up Discovery Photo Tours?