Learn & Explore Series Episode 171


Did You Know?

It is estimated that 3.8 trillion photos were taken in all of human history until mid-2011, but 1 trillion photos were taken in 2015 alone.

Did You Know?

67% of consumers say the QUALITY of a product image is “VERY IMPORTANT” is selecting and purchasing the product.

Did You Know?

Photos are also the most engaging type of content on Facebook with an enormous 87% interaction rate from fans. Photos were shared more than any other type of content.

Special Thanks to Industry Expert:

Frederick Marx

Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with, what is Shotzy?
  2. What year was this company founded?
  3. Let’s jump in the way back machine, let’s go back to the very day you started this company. What was the original inspiration for doing so?
  4. When a company releases a product or service they generally have a particular avatar or audience in mind. Can you share who that person is here?
  5. What has been your proudest accomplishment to date for Shotzy?
  6. It seems common that companies title their products/services as the “Best” in their market. How do you feel ’Shotzy’ compares to others in the marketplace?
  7. Another term that is somewhat cliché and tossed around a lot is “Innovation” How do you feel your service is innovating?
  8. What do you believe is one of the biggest challenges photographers face while landing consistent gigs?
  9. Now your platform assists photographers with expanding their experience and building a larger client pool. How does this happen?
  10. What sort of experience does a photographer need to have to be considered for your service?
  11. How does a photographer sign up, and what’s the process?
  12. Now you folks are expanding, what does this mean to photographers?
  13. Talk to us on how your app works from a client standpoint and for the photographer?
  14. Considering for many photographers, marketing and finding clients is a big on-going struggle, what does it mean to you personally, that your platform is helping photographers get established and learn the ropes?
  15. What is the one word that you believe sums up Shotzy?