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Learn & Explore Series Episode 21

"What You Need to Know Before Ordering Large Prints"

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Did You Know?

The trained human eye is able to distinguish approximately 250 gray shades.

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Did You Know?

By adding a small amount of noise to high-resolution files, you’re able, even with 8-bit files, to benefit essentially from all the advantage of 16-bit files, but without the headaches. In addition, using sRGB or Adobe 1998 color space is immaterial.

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Did You Know?

If you have large areas in your file with slowly changing densities (e.g., sky), then before you start editing, adjust the image size to be larger. Second, add approximately 0.5% to 1% of monochromatic noise. Lastly, make the necessary editing changes. Don’t be concerned about 16-bit color space and changing to another color space.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Dave Schoon
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. What are common sizes of large prints?
  2. What are the best photo papers for large prints?
  3. Which paper or surface will last the longest?
  4. When is it appropriate to spend extra for museum-grade prints?
  5. How big should digital photos be, in terms of pixels, to create the best large prints?
  6. What is gamut and how does it relate to making large photo prints?
  7. What file format should I use? Can I use JPEG?
  8. At what ISO settings do photos become too grainy for large photo prints?
  9. What is more important when preparing and printing a large photo print, more contrast or shadow and highlight detail?
  10. Can smaller photo files be expanded to make large prints?
  11. How should a photo be prepared for a large print if it will include text?
  12. What is color space? Does it matter?
  13. What do I need to know before ordering a mounted canvas print?
  14. Is it possible for a photographer to mount canvas photo prints or is it better to ask the photo-finishing company to perform this task?
  15. I plan to sell my photos. Do you have any tips to help me?