learn and explore 23

Learn & Explore Series
Episode 23

"Tricks to Creating Panoramic Photos"

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Did You Know?

You can make stunning high resolution gigapixel panoramas with a point and shoot camera?

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Did You Know?

Gigapixel photography is more than just about making incredible photos. Uses in science, research, architecture, and sporting events gigapixel photography is the new benchmark to connecting people in the world.

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Did You Know?

You can learn basics on using Gigapan's hardware and software by watching our video tutorials?

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Michael Franz
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. What photo equipment is required to shoot panoramas?
  2. What kinds of images are best for panoramic shooting?
  3. Is there a tripod head that makes it easier to capture the multiple images required to create a panoramic photo?
  4. Are there tripod heads for different types of digital cameras?
  5. Is there a way to capture multiple images automatically instead of manually?
  6. Can panoramic photos be shot so you can zoom into the details?
  7. Is there specific software for stitching together the images to make a panorama?
  8. Is there a way to embed completed panoramic images on a Website?
  9. How does a photographer create interactive virtual panoramic tours?
  10. What size of panoramic TIFF files can be loaded to the Web for viewing?
  11. Is there a panoramic viewing website that supports Photoshop PSB and PSD files?
  12. What is the largest panoramic image that has been uploaded to this website?
  13. How can panoramic images be shared on social networking sites?
  14. Is there a community of panorama photographers where they share their images and ideas?

Click on each photo to view amazing detail:

Dubai by Gerald Donovan
Vancouver BC
Vancouver BC by Ronnie Miranda
Kaaba Mosque
Kaaba Mosque by Isaam Kanafani
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu by Jeff Cremer
Shanghai Skyline
Shanghai Skyline by Alfred Zhao
Space Shuttle Discovery Flight Deck
Space Shuttle Discovery Flight Deck by National Geographic
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro by Hong Kong Connection
Underwater by Jason Buchheim
2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies
2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies by David Bergman
Portland Trailblazer vs Lakers game
Portland Trailblazer vs Lakers game by Bruce Ely
2009 Inauguration
2009 Inauguration by David Bergman
Curiosity Rover self-portrait
Curiosity Rover self-portrait by JPL