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Learn & Explore Series Episode 25

"How to Shoot Better Macro Photography"

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Did You Know?

Macro photography is commonly defined as capturing an image with the object on the sensor at its actually size, or a 1:1 ratio magnification.

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Did You Know?

When the reproduction ratio is greater than 1:1, then what you’re shooting becomes photomicrography.

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Did You Know?

W.H. Walmsley coined the term photo-macrograph during 1899, which described close-up images with less than 10 diameters magnification.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: David FitzSimmons
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. What is macro photography?
  2. What are the favorite macro photography subjects?
  3. Is a DSLR camera required for macro photography?
  4. Is a macro lens required for macro photography?
  5. Are there less expensive options for macro photography than a macro lens?
  6. Isn’t a tripod absolutely necessary for good macro shots?
  7. Is a tripod necessary for macro photography?
  8. Isn’t a remote shutter trigger mechanism required instead of using one’s finger?
  9. How do remote triggers help in macro photography?
  10. Wouldn’t a standard flash be too large and bright for precise macro photography? Is there a specific type of lighting equipment for macro?
  11. What kinds of supplemental lighting help with macro photography?
  12. Most macro photography has a very narrow depth of field. What is the best technique for creating more depth in macro images?
  13. How can you increase depth-of-field in macro photography?
  14. What is focus stacking?
  15. Is there a particular software product that you use for focus stacking?
  16. What are the best techniques for producing stacked images?
  17. Can focus stacking be applied to photographing subjects other than macro, such as landscapes?
  18. What are some ways to showcase your macro images?
  19. What resources are available for photographers interested in macro photography?
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