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Learn & Explore Series Episode 52

"What You Need to Know About Hard Cases to Protect Your Photo Gear"

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Did You Know?

The maximum specifications for carry-on luggage or cases for most airlines are 45 linear inches, which is the total of the length, width and height dimensions, and 40 pounds, or 18 kg.

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Did You Know?

Cases with TSA-accepted locks can be opened for security checks, and then easily relocked; however, failure to use these types of locks could result in security officers breaking them to inspect the contents of the case.

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Did You Know?

SKB manufacturers over 3000 cases each day.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Will Steven
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Under what kind of circumstances would a photographer need a hard case for his or her equipment?
  2. What are some of the important specs of a high quality hard case?
  3. What kind of manufacturing process and exterior materials are used to reduce or eliminate any possible damage from water and handling?
  4. What is the optimum material for the interior cushioning of valuable equipment?
  5. What does it mean when a hard case is described as being military-grade?
  6. How do photographers determine the right kind and size of hard case that will serve their specific needs?
  7. Are there hard cases for specialized camera models, such as those for sports and outdoor activities?
  8. What quality features of the hinges and latch assembly are important to the overall security and protection of a hard case?
  9. What kind of security features should a photographer expect to find on a high quality hard case?
  10. Are hard cases designed to match the airlines’ carry-on luggage specs?
  11. Under what conditions should a photographer consider a hard case with wheels?
  12. Are hard case wheels designed and manufactured just for smooth surfaces or are they usable on dirt, sand and other natural surfaces?
  13. Are there specific hard cases to transport a larger selection of lenses; and how many will they accommodate?
  14. Are there any specific features that are unique to hard cases for video equipment?
  15. Please explain why some hard cases include a pressure equalization valve. Why is that important?