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Learn & Explore Series Episode 53

"What You Need to Know about Battery Chargers"

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Did You Know?

If a battery charger doesn’t reach the specified voltage for the battery it is charging, then the battery will likely overheat and be unusable.

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Did You Know?

The life of a NiMH battery is more likely to be shortened when using an “overnight” charger compared to a smart fast charger.

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Did You Know?

Digital cameras are considered high drain electronic devices; however, a single charge of NiMH batteries will provide sufficient power 3 to 4 times longer than an alkaline battery.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: David Schliep
Ansmann USA
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Why would a professional photographer need a high quality battery charger instead of a basic unit?
  2. Are there chargers available for every kind of battery a professional photographer might use?
  3. Are there chargers that accommodate more than one kind of battery and recharge them simultaneously?
  4. What is the maximum number of batteries that a charger will accommodate?
  5. How fast can a battery be recharged?
  6. Will a pro-level charger allow me to select from various charging times?
  7. Will a battery charger also charge a smartphone? Any other devices?
  8. Can a premium battery charger detect a faulty cell?
  9. Can a premium battery charger indicate how much capacity is remaining in batteries before recharging them?
  10. Does a better battery charger allow me to control each charging position and show me the charging status of each battery?
  11. Are there battery chargers that can be used anyplace in the world?
  12. Are there battery chargers that accommodate battery packs? How many batteries in a pack?
  13. Are there battery chargers that can be plugged into a car? How does that affect the recharge time?
  14. How long can I expect a premium battery charge to work? Are there a maximum number of charges before it should be replaced?
  15. Does a premium battery charger protect batteries from being overcharged? How does it to this?