Learn & Explore Series Episode 65

"Cotton Carrier Strapshot EV1"

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Did You Know?

The EV1 connects to all bag straps including back packs and sling bags plus will attach to your waist belt for holster carrying

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Did You Know?

The Cotton Carrier system is compatible with all tripods and most quick releases on the market

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Did You Know?

The original Cotton Carrier 2 camera vest system is one of the only alternate carrying systems that allows you to carry 2 cameras comfortably and securely!  Wide angle and long lens and you are set for the day!!

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Brook Parker

Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. What is a Strapshot EV1?
  2. What sort of camera was this most designed for?
  3. When you design a new product, you have a certain targeted audience or avatar in mind?  Explain that person for this product.
  4. How is this attached to the person?
  5. To attach and detach this system from the person, how quickly can this be done?
  6. How is the EV1 different from other hands free systems, including Cotton Carrier systems?
  7. Will this work with other Cotton Carrier systems?
  8. What is the length of the tether connecting the camera to the EV1?
  9. From what I understand the tether acts has a wrist leash as well, how easy is that set up?
  10. How is the camera attached to EV1?
  11. Can you expound on how the camera is locked into the Strapshot EV1 and how this prevents it from falling out?
  12. Cotton Carrier has lead the industry with some widely used hands free systems, can you explain how the EV1 idea came together?
  13. If I want to use a tripod while using the Strapshot EV1, is that possible?
  14. What is the warranty on the Strapshop EV1?
  15. When will Cotton Carrier be shipping this?