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Learn & Explore Series Episode 87

"Table Top Photography: MyStudio® by Pro Cyc and How to Get Started"

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Did You Know?

The 2 most important factors in a good product photo are 1) lighting (color, quality and directionality), and 2) a background that enhances and does not detract from the product. All MyStudio® table top photo studios are designed with this in mind.

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Did You Know?

Shooting a product against a white background in “Auto” mode on virtually any digital camera will result in an underexposed image with a gray background? This is not because of inadequate lighting, it is because the camera “sees” the white background as light and compensates to avoid a “blown out” image. The solution is to shoot in Manual mode where you, the photographer, control the exposure.

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Did You Know?

The MyStudio® MS20 has been the #1 selling table top product photography studio on Amazon.com since 2013.

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Industry Expert: Sean von Tagen
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with, what is ProCyc?
  2. Take us back to the day this company was formed, what was the root cause for its creation?
  3. If you could sum up the single most important roll of ProCyc, what would that be?
  4. What do you think is the core attribute that separates ProCyc from other companies out there?
  5. Let’s jump into table top photography, ProCyc offers a number of Table Top Studio Kits, can you talk to us about the differences between these?
  6. What do you think are the immediate benefits of using one of these kits vs other options?
  7. When creating a product or service, companies usually have a specific client or avatar in mind. I understand were talking about photographers here, but specifically, what type of photographers would benefit the most from one of your table top studios?
  8. What sort of lights do you recommend for product photography?
  9. What are some tips you can provide to those looking to get started in table top product photography?
  10. Let’s talk about setup… Let’s say your MS20 for example. Let’s say this just came in the mail today… how long until this is ready for use?
  11. What sort of material go into these kits?
  12. How heavy are these?
  13. If I’m just getting started in still life product photography and looking for a good setup, which would you recommend?
  14. Now these are bright white, how easy are these to keep clean?
  15. What sort of warranty is offered on these kits?
  16. Where can these be purchased?