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Learn & Explore Series Episode 93


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Did You Know?

From the 3 foot plus tall Emperor Penguin to Australia’s 15” Little Blue Penguin, there are 17 species of penguins in the world. On the Cheesemans’ Ecology Antarctica Expedition, participants can hope to see eight of these species, and as many as two million individual penguins.

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Did You Know?

90% of the world’s fresh water exists as ice in Antarctica. This makes for many fantastic iceberg shapes to photograph!

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Did You Know?

The mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula, the island of South Georgia, and the Andes were one connected mountain range 40 million years ago.

Special Thanks to
Industry Experts: Doug and Gail Cheeseman
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Talk us about Cheesemans Ecology Safaris, what is it?
  2. Let’s jump into the ‘way back machine’, take us to the day that you decided to start this company… when you woke up that day… what was the reason for starting this company?
  3. When you started this company you had a certain audience or avatar you wanted to attract, can you tell us about this person?
  4. Now Cheesemans operates some workshops in some very remote locations of the planet… is there a reason for that?
  5. Out of all your workshops, which of these locations resonates the most with you?
  6. Let’s talk about Antarctica, how many days does this go for?
  7. Is there such thing a best time of the year to attend?
  8. Last I checked, Virgin or United Airlines doesn’t fly regularly to Antarctica, can you expound a little on transportation to and around Antarctica?
  9. What sort of wildlife can one expect to see on an adventure like this?
  10. What are some other truly extraordinary must see’s while on this expedition?
  11. Let’s talk about accommodations and meals… what are they?
  12. While on the ship, is there internet and phones for guest to use?
  13. In terms of preparation for a trip like this, do you have clothing and gear recommendations for guest?
  14. What experience do you want people attending too leave with?
  15. If I want to attend, what is the process?

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