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Learn & Explore Series Episode 95

"Moab Photo Tours"

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Did You Know?

Did you know that Moab Photo Tours, LLC is the longest continuously-operating licensed photography guide service in the Moab area, and the only one run by a full-time professional photographer?

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Did You Know?

Did you know that the first image sold for publication by Moab Photo Tours owner, Jon Fuller, appeared as a two-page spread in National Geographic Magazine in 1983?

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Did You Know?

Did you know that Moab, Utah is perfectly situated in the middle some of the most stunning scenery in the southwestern U.S., surrounded by two national parks, a state park, and some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere outside of a national park? It has been the location of numerous major Hollywood films and hundreds of television commercials.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Jon Fuller
Moab Photo Tours, LLC
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start out with the basics: What is Moab Photo Tours?
  2. When was this company created?
  3. Take us back to the day you created this company, what was that burning desire that caused you to do so?
  4. Many companies when they create product or service, they generally have an avatar or type of person they visualize as the ideal client. How is that person with your tours?
  5. Can you talk about what locations you have these tours at?
  6. Jon, you’re in the hot seat. So I need to ask… do you have a favorite out of these?
  7. Photographers love your tours and keep coming back, what do you accredit to that?
  8. With so many exciting and exotic locations, how did you determine these locations?
  9. Let’s talk about dates: Are the dates you have these tours scheduled; random or specific reason? Let’s use Patagonia and Costa Rica as examples.
  10. What sort of preparation goes into planning workshops like these?
  11. What sort of experience do you want your guest to walk away with?
  12. Now I see you have the amazing Tom Till mentioned on your site, how does he fall into all of this?
  13. Now as photographer interested in attending one of your tours, what is the process?
  14. How far in advance should book with you?
  15. What is the single CORE word that you feel best describes your company?