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Learn & Explore Series Episode 5

"How to select a flash bracket"

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Did You Know?

If your advanced modern digital camera can produce acceptable quality images at ISO 6400, why do you still need a flash?

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Did You Know?

There are some important reasons to consider the impact of using really heavy lenses with a flash bracket.

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Did You Know?

There are many situations when it is very helpful to use a monopod with a Flash Bracket.

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Industry Expert: Drew Henderson
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. What are the major types of flash brackets?
  2. What are the most important features of a flash bracket?
  3. How does a flash bracket help improve a photographer’s images?
  4. Are flash brackets recommended only for use with DSLR and interchangeable lens camera systems?
  5. How are flash brackets used with an umbrella or softbox?
  6. Can you use a flash bracket with a diffuser on the flash head?
  7. What kind of photography benefits the most from the use of a flash bracket?
  8. Is it important to choose a bracket that easily switches from landscape to portrait orientation?
  9. Do hobbyists and enthusiasts need a custom flash bracket?
  10. Is a flash bracket made to rest securely on a flat surface when attached to a camera?
  11. What is the best kind of mount on a flash bracket to attach it to a camera?
  12. Is a specific size of flash bracket required for lenses of different focal lengths?
  13. Is one kind of flash bracket better when using a tripod or monopod?
  14. What are the specific benefits of using a flash bracket when shooting video?
  15. Are there affordable flash brackets for hobbyists and enthusiasts that are also well made and as versatile as pro-level brackets?
  16. What are the warranty and/or guarantee on most flash brackets?
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