9 Obstacles You Must Destroy To Reach More Wedding Photography Clients

husband_and_wife image You want to be the “bomb!” A

successful wedding photographer with a seemingly endless stream of new clients, generating a great living for you and your family and recognized as a business leader in your community. All of that is possible; but first you must be the “bomb” that destroys the obstacles to your success.

1.   The first obstacle to your success that you must destroy is to stop dwelling on your past mistakes and living the status quo of the present. The success you want to experience as a wedding photographer is in the future! That future begins when you create a plan of what you want to accomplish during the next five years, with these goals stated in one-year or even six-month intervals. If you want to make 50% more from your wedding photography business in five years, then forget about that big goal and take small steps, such as 10% per year.

2.   A major obstacle for many small business owners is that they don’t think like an entrepreneur, but like a professional being paid by the hour; and those are limited! If you change your mindset to that of an entrepreneur, then there are no limits to how much money you can make. Learn how to leverage the cash your business generates to grow your wealth and assets, such as owning the commercial property you rent for a studio, etc.

3.   When was the last time you reviewed your “professional qualities” checklist? Don’t have one? Will you should. An important part of why a client chooses you to shoot her wedding is that she can easily recognize you as a true professional. Most of the experts would agree that trust is the absolutely #1 quality for success. The others to consider are integrity, discipline, perseverance, confidence, entrepreneurialism, a thirst for knowledge, audaciousness and giving.

4.   Many of these obstacles start to crumble when you surround yourself and spend time with successful people. Of course, successful wedding photographers should be your first choice. The best opportunity to meet, to talk with, to learn from and simply to absorb the success oozing from their pores is to attend the 2012 WPPI in Las Vegas, February 16–23, 2012, at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. This is the annual gathering of the best wedding and portrait photographers and those aspiring to achieve success. More than 16,000 attended last year’s show. With more than 150 programs, classes and seminars, there is no better place to learn what you need to know to eliminate the barriers to your success.

For complete information and to register, visit http://www.wppionline.com/wppi-show.shtml.

5.   Another “bombing” you must do is improving your time management. There is an enormous amount of information about time management systems and strategies; but often the easiest strategy to implement immediately is to restrict others’ access to you. Answering every phone call and responding to every email immediately are time-robbers. Schedule times of the day when you return and make calls and write emails.

6.   One of your specific obstacles could be a lethargic or non-existent marketing program. It’s absolutely possible to generate boatloads of new clients if you have a dynamic and proactive marketing plan. Low-cost elements include a referral program, display opportunities in local businesses and public places, co-marketing with complementary small businesses, writing and distributing press releases regularly and volunteering your services in the community (and writing a press release about it).

7.   Without a Web site, you’re still living in the past. Without a Web site that is a dynamic sales machine, you’re business is no more than the status quo. To make your Web site your best marketing tool, you must learn the specific methods that compel prospects to hire you instead of just browsing through your site.

8.   A classic obstacle to success for the professional and the person is thinking he or she knows all he or she needs to know. Learning is a lifelong task, not just a required daily activity during your youth. Your response may be that you are always learning new photography techniques. Good for you, but you should also be acquiring as much knowledge as possible about operating a small business and making it successful. You should dedicate some of your time every week, and preferably every day, to learn business topics, such as sales, marketing, management, staff training and finances. The 2012 WPPI in Las Vegas should be on your calendar every year…think of it as a field trip!

9.   Part of the “know-it-all” obstacle is that there is nothing the very best wedding photographers in the world can teach you. After all, they’ve advanced so far beyond where you are today that their best ideas and strategies simply couldn’t be applicable to your small business. Wrong! You need to set a double charge of explosives for this obstacle! PhotographyTalk.com is adding profiles of the very best of today’s photographers, many shooting weddings, such as Jasmine Star, Marcus Bell and Nate and Jaclyn Keiser. Not only will you recognize that the stories of their early years are very similar to yours, but also you’ll learn how they became the best with methods and techniques that could very easily work for you.

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These obstacles may simply be a lack of knowledge about business and the business of wedding photography, especially if you’re just starting, either part-time or full-time. Some of these obstacles may exist because you are your own worst enemy. You’ve been shooting weddings for years, but you’re falling short of your goals. The methods and strategies that worked for you 10, 15 or 20 years ago have become outdated. You must be willing to renew your business and opportunities by using the best business-practices of today. You can bet your competitors are doing just that!

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