4 Maternity Photography Tips That Will Make Your Client Look Amazing

 image Photo by Amanda Gates Photography

As a man, I can't claim to know the daily struggles that my wife goes through when deciding what to wear for the day.

As a photographer, though, I feel like I have some pretty good insights into wardrobe struggles of the fairer sex.

Picking out an outfit for a day at work is one thing; picking out a wardrobe for a photo that will immortalize her for the rest of her life is another thing entirely.

Add in pregnancy, and oh boy, there's lots of factors at play.

Every expecting mom wants to look good, wear clothes that are comfortable, and have some semblance of elegance, even if she's dead tired and aches all over.

On top of that, what she wears can make or break her maternity photos.

With that in mind, I'd like to offer up four ideas that might make it easier on your maternity clients to select wardrobe pieces - and make them look good too!

Wear a Solid Color

 image Photo by Vic and Marie Photography

A solid colored gown is a great choice for expecting moms that want something simple, yet elegant.

By selecting something that's a single color, the emphasis remains on mom and her belly bump, which is the whole point of the maternity shoot anyway.

That's not to say that patterns or prints are bad for maternity photography, it's just that simple, solid colors give the viewer a little less to inspect so their eyes remain locked in on the mom-to-be.

In the example above, the black gown has a simple elegance about it. The solid color contrasts beautifully with the busier background, making mom the focal point of the shot.

 image Photo by Chelsea Ruger Photography

But a solid colored gown needn't contrast with the surroundings to have the same elegant effect.

In the image above, mom's bright white gown matches the brightness of her surroundings for a beautiful high-key look.

Also note how the gown has been paired with tasteful accessories like the floral crown. Doing so adds a bit of texture and color while maintaining the simplicity of a shot with a solid colored wardrobe.

Dark colors like black and blue, as well as light colors like white and yellow, can be used to create a gorgeous look. It's just up to mom to decide what color she wants!

Try Something Form-Fitting

 image Photo by Abba Color Photography

Not all of your maternity clients will want to wear something that's form-fitting, and that's okay. Above all, you want your client to be comfortable and happy with how she looks.

But for moms that don't mind showing off their curves, a form-fitting gown like the one pictured above could be a great move.

These gowns make a dramatic statement in the portrait by showing off not just the belly bump, but mom's other curves as well. There's really no better way to accentuate the beauty of pregnancy!

Pair a tight-fitting gown with an interesting pose like the one above, and you have a recipe for a gorgeous maternity photo.

 image Photo by Casey Nystrom Photography

Of course, just because she's wearing a gown that's form-fitting around her belly doesn't mean the dress can't still have some volume.

The gown above adds some interest to the shot with the inclusion of the draping at the top of the dress.

What's more, the train at the bottom pools almost like water at the base of mom, giving the gown a flowing, dramatic look that, when paired with the dry, textured ground makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

Again, as seen in earlier images, the wardrobe selection brings a touch of elegance to the shot without being over the top.

Go For a Classic Look

 image Photo by Andrea Toth

When it comes time for the maternity photo shoot, you certainly want to help mom make wardrobe selections that she won't regret 10 or 20 years down the road.

After all, you want the photos you create to be a lasting legacy in your client's family, and if you let mom wear something that's downright hideous, it will be tough for your photos to take their place on the mantel.

That's why it's important to make wardrobe suggestions that offer a timeless or classic look.

In the image above, the white lace maternity gown is the epitome of classic, with a little volume to cover areas mom doesn't want to show off, and a little leg and shoulder to give the shot just a hint of sexiness.

 image Photo by Bella Lei Couture

On the other hand, gowns with clean lines and an impeccable fit also fit the bill for a classic look.

In the example above, the gown accentuates mom's curves as was discussed above, and with the plunging neckline and bare arms, it's another example of a maternity gown that can help make mom feel beautiful.

When going classic, the inclination might be to go too simple. But as you can see above, adding a punch of color with a brightly colored gown elevates the image without making it so over the top that it takes away from the timeless appeal.

Add Accessories

 image Photo by Eden Bao Photography

One of the tricky aspects of maternity photography (well, any portraiture, really...) is finding a way to bring visual interest to the shot that doesn't detract from the subject.

As noted earlier, suggesting a single color wardrobe helps bring simplicity to the shot, but can be on the boring side. The same goes for a classic look - with clean lines and a lack of texture in the fabric, the portrait might need a little dose of color or texture to give it more visual interest.

That's where accessories come in.

Something like a flower or two as seen above can be just enough to give your maternity photos a little more pizazz and help mom feel a little more beautiful.

 image Photo by Created in His Image Photography

Of course, the accessories you recommend can be a little more involved too.

In the image above, the floral crown gives the photo the color, shape, and texture it needs to maintain the focus on the beautiful mom to be.

Note how the simplicity of the dress gives the image a classic look, and how the bright white material makes mom the most noticeable thing in the portrait.

When it comes down to it, the accessories and wardrobe items you recommend can run the gamut from clean, crisp, and simple like the gown above to bright, colorful, and even sexy like gowns shown in earlier images. Whatever you recommend, just be sure that the colors, shapes, and textures work with your overall plan for the shot and that above all, mom is comfortable and looks her best!

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