Posing 101

14325042 s image It is one of the pieces of knowledge any photographer working with people should have.

That doesn’t make it easy to learn or practice however. When people go to a photographer for their services, be it for a wedding or a fashion portfolio, they expect clear indications on what to do in front of the camera. They might not be in front of the camera for the first time, but you being the professional could make it intimidating for them to try things that might have worked in the past or when someone close was the photographer. It is therefore necessary for you to enough about posing to choose the best options for the person or the style of the desired photos. I obviously cannot teach you how to pose your model in a single article such as this. I can, however, share with you some of the things I picked up over the years. I’ve been fortunate enough to have photographed international models as well as regular people.

  • Make small changes. You can turn a pose into a variety of different ones by changing the position of an arm, the neck, shoulders and so on. Also try multiple focal lengths.

  • Use a mirror or shoot tethered. It really helps a model to see what they look like for themselves. Adjustments also come more naturally this way.


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