Why Colorado is an awesome state For Photographers

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Colorado is one of the most photogenic states in the US and that’s just one of the reasons I think it’s worth visiting. There’s just so much you can do there with a camera and that’s why a lot of photographers who shoot different genres visit Colorado at least once a year.

Landscape photographers have every reason to love this state. The Rocky Mountain National Park offers an incredible combination of mountains, lakes, forests and waterfalls. Mount Evans is famous for the two thousand year old gnarled bristlecone pines but also for its wildlife. Marmots, mountain goats, elk, moose and bighorn sheep thrive here, so if your game is wildlife photography, you’ll definitely love it here.

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They say Colorado is beautiful any time of the year, but fall is when it truly shines. That’s why it’s the perfect time to plan your trip. If you want to make the best out of every opportunity Colorado has to offer, I recommend Russ Lawry’s workshops.

There is a variety of workshops to choose from. If time is not your strong point, I recommend you try the one day workshop that focuses on night photography and lightpainting. It takes place in the Rocky Mountain National Park and it starts 2-3 hours before sunset, giving you just enough time to take a few shots of the landscape and wildlife. The fun begins after it dark when the Milky Way reveals its majesty. It’s also a great time to photograph nightscapes relying only on the light provided by the moon.

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Maybe you want to explore more of what Colorado has to offer, like the ghost towns of an era long ago. Fall colors and light make them look like movie sets so if you want to try your hand at fine art and abstract photography, this could be the perfect way. There’s also plenty to do in and around Aspen. Hallam Lake for instance is home to numerous species of birds.

Russ’s workshops focus on helping you take the perfect memorable shots you’re after. Each workshop deals with technical side of things. If you’re just learning to use your DSLR, Russ will help and make sure you’re all set to capture the perfect moment.

Participants will also benefit from critique sessions as well as enjoy discussions on post-processing workflow.

I highly recommend Colorado as your next destination for a photo adventure and Russ for his way of teaching and helping participants take the perfect photos.

Find out more about Russ Lawry’s photography workshops here.

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