4 Places You Need to Photograph in 2016

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If traveling more is part of your new year’s resolution, then planning your next trip is probably going to be very exciting. After all, it’s a lot more fun than starting a workout program or quitting a bad habit. If you’re looking to take some memorable travel, landscape, nature and wildlife photos this year, we’ve got four awesome locations for you to consider in 2016. Here they are.


It’s one of the favorite destinations for newlyweds, but it’s also a fantastic place for photography, particularly Kauai Island which is known as Hawaii’s garden island. The island is full of spectacular waterfalls and it has two beautiful botanical gardens with incredible plants and flowers that will be an absolute joy for photographers who love macro. Waimea Canyon, the largest canyon in the Pacific, will also provide you with breathtaking views.

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Banff National Park

The abundance of wildlife and the dramatic landscape will make nature lovers instantly fall in love with this great land. BANFF is one of the best places to photograph bears, elk, sheep, marmots and birds in their natural environment. We recommend visiting it in summer as it the season that will provide you with the most opportunities to capture incredible wildlife shots.

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There is no shortage of interesting subjects to photograph in Colorado, particularly in the Rocky Mountain National Park area. Late afternoon landscapes in beautiful soft light, spectacular positions to photograph the Milky Way and fairytale like sunrises with mountains and lakes are all on the menu. If you’re into mysterious stuff, Colorado has a few ghost towns you might be interested to explore creatively too.

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Yellowstone is one of those places you can either go on for pages about or simply say nothing and let all the incredible photographs taken there speak volumes. If you’re looking for majesty, than this is the place to be. It is an active volcano area, it has over half of the world’s geothermal features and it is home to hundreds of species of mammals, fish and birds, some of which are sadly on the endangered list. In fact, Yellowstone is the largest and most famous mega fauna location in the Continental U.S. Oh, and the views are mind-blowing.

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All these destinations are fascinating and they are full of photographic potential. It’s up to you to capture them in their true beauty and that takes talent and a decent set of skills. We recommend teaming up with a pro for visiting these unique destinations. RSL Photography Workshops have all these destinations on the list. It’s always better to go on a photographic journey to a new and exciting location with someone who knows the area and can show you the hidden gems as well as provide technical advice for the best looking images.

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