Two Simple Ways to Stand Out as a Photographer

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Technology advancements have made photography far more accessible to everyday people, and that’s certainly a good thing. But with greater access comes greater competition among photographers for a limited number of gigs. Whereas 20 years ago a photographer might only have to compete with a small handful of other photographers for weddings and other events, today, photographers might easily have a dozen or more colleagues vying for the same job.

So the question becomes, how does one set themselves apart from everyone else?

Offer Exclusive Services

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If you want to stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of prospective clients, there’s no better way to do so than by offering the services of Album Registry.

The concept is simple: Album Registry allows your clients to crowdfund your photography services, meaning, rather than guests giving less-than-desireable gifts for the occasion, they can contribute to a lasting memory - like a high-quality, gorgeous photo album filled with the photos you create. Since quality prints and albums are pricey, being an Album Registry member means that you can help your clients get the products they want, without all the expense. After all, when budgets are tight, photography products and services are often among the first to be pared down.

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That won’t be a worry for you once you become an Album Registry member. Not only will your clients be able to get the products they want, but you will also be able to make more money because your clients can have their album or extras crowdfunded. It’s a win-win situation, to say the least!

Better still, Album Registry stays active for five days after the event, that way late gifters can still contribute, making it more likely that the selected products will be funded. And even if funding isn’t achieved for the desired products, your clients will still get a lasting memory in the form of a less expensive product - albeit still stunning and of the highest-quality.

A photographer that offers crowdfunding for his or her services - now that’s a way to stand out from the crowd!

Shoot What You Love

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This might sound like cliche advice, but shooting what you love will help set you apart from the crowd.

This is how: If you shoot what you love, it shows in your photos. They are more emotive. They connect better with the audience. Even the fundamentals like lighting and composition will be improved. Though it sounds crazy, it’s the truth! Being passionate about your work is what will help differentiate you from other photographers.

If your first love is wedding photography, pursue wedding photography. If it’s portraiture, go that route. Though you might have to take gigs here and there that are less compelling, strive to find your passion and stick with it. Not only will the images you create be the better for it, but your brand and business identity will be far more clear to potential clients. Just imagine if your portfolio was a mishmash of family portraits, product shots, corporate events, weddings, and pet portraits. Your portfolio will be confusing, and clients will struggle to identify exactly what it is you’re good at.

Help your clients understand who you are as a photographer by specializing in the area you love. Your photos and your business will be the better as a result! Then, offer your clients unique services like Album Registry, so those photos you’re so passionate about taking are immortalized in an album that your clients will cherish forever. There’s no better way to set yourself apart from the crowd!

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