Landscape Photography With a Long Lens

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Who says your landscape photos have to be taken with a wide-angle lens?

Ok, so a lot of tutorials recommend wide-angle lenses, simply because the angle of view allows you to highlight more of the landscape. However, that doesn’t mean that a longer lens is incapable of helping you create stunning landscapes just the same.

In fact, using a longer lens with a narrower angle of view forces you to see the landscape just a bit differently. And that simple act could very well help you compose images that have more drama and impact, not to mention, it gives you the opportunity to show off smaller vignettes within the larger landscape.

If you want to learn how to maximize your results with a longer lens, just give the video below a quick look. Mike Browne shows us how it’s done in just about 8 ½ minutes, so it’s well worth your time!

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