Make Photography Easier With These 4 Incredible Gadgets

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If you ask me, we're living in the golden age of photography.

I say that because of the sheer number of incredible photography gadgets that come out each year.

Sure, some gadgets are all show and no tell.

In other words, many of them are just flash-in-the-pan gizmos that don't really offer much in the way of actually helping you improve your images.

But other photography gadgets are truly groundbreaking.

Let's have a look at four of the most exciting photography accessories for 2017.


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At the top of the "amazing photography gadget list" has to be Arsenal.

This little piece of hardware sits atop your camera quite innocently, but don't let its small stature fool you.

This is one amazing piece of hardware for photographers of all skill levels...

Arsenal is the world's first AI photography assistant.

That means that its sole purpose is to help you create the types of photos (and timelapses!) you dream about.

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Arsenal is controlled via smartphone, so there's no more hunching over to see the camera controls on the LCD.

Instead, with one touch of your smartphone screen, Arsenal will determine the best settings to take a photo - in any shooting conditions.

No matter if it's bright or dark, inside or outside, a portrait or a landscape, or something in between, Arsenal will take care of the camera settings for you to get a pleasing image.

That means two things...

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First, you don't have to get flustered trying to remember how to manually adjust things like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Arsenal does it for you.

And second, because you don't have to worry about the technical aspects of photography, you can focus more on the artistic aspects, like composition and framing.

Think of it like having a teammate to help you take better photos.

In a word, this thing is mind-blowing.

Using artificial intelligence, Arsenal searches thousands of images in its database to determine the baseline settings for your shot.

From there, it analyzes 18 essential photography settings to fine-tune the image.

Better still, Arsenal handles HDR, long exposure photography, and timelapse videos, too.

But hey, don't just take my word for it. As of this writing, the Arsenal Kickstarter campaign has exceeded its goal by $540,000. Not bad, eh?

Learn more about Arsenal.


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For all you iPhone photography enthusiasts out there, Pictar is an interesting gadget to consider adding to your kit.

As you can see in the image above, Pictar is a grip for your iPhone - and much more.

Not only does Pictar add an ergonomic grip to your phone for easier and more stable holding when shooting, but it also gives you the ability to add DSLR-like capabilities to your phone.

That includes a multi-state shutter release, a zoom ring, and a dedicated exposure compensation wheel.

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Better still, Pictar has a "smart wheel" that has a variety of beginner and advanced photography modes from which to choose.

That includes special portrait and landscape modes, video mode, shutter priority mode, and even full manual mode.

There's even an integrated tripod socket and a cold-shoe mount for even more creative photography opportunities with your phone.

Learn more about Pictar.


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As we all know, photography is all about light, and Relio is a light unlike anything you've ever seen.

The tiny little box sitting atop the tripod in the image above offers studio-quality beam shape and color.

There are no artifacts, no unevenness of colors - just pure, beautiful light you can use for any array of photos.

Equally as impressive is that this thing is completely portable.

It's powered via USB, so you can use it with virtually any device from your DSLR to your TV.

It has a standard 1/4-20 tripod thread mount as well, so you can easily mount Relio to aim light just how you want.

In other words, it's small, versatile, and with an all-aluminum construction, it's durable too.

Learn more about Relio.

DJI Spark Mini Drone

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If you thought that the only way to make photography easier was to get land-based gadgets, you were wrong...

DJI makes some pretty incredible drones, and their Spark Mini Drone is no exception.

For starters, the drone launches from the palm of your hand after recognizing your face via FaceAware technology.

Once Spark is in the air, you use hand gestures of all things to command it to take photos. That means no more clunky remotes - just use your hands!

For more complex photo or video pursuits, the Spark has a companion smartphone app with intelligent flight modes that allow you to create gorgeous results with just a few taps of your phone screen.

For videophiles, you can use the DJI Go 4 app to edit videos on the fly and share them to social media immediately.

The best part is that Spark isn't just about taking photos and videos. It's about taking good photos and videos.

It has a 2-axis mechanical gimbal that reduces shake to get you sharper results.

Spark also has a powerful lens that produces sharp, vivid images with little distortion or color aberration. And with a f/2.6 maximum aperture, you can use it to shoot even in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

Add to that 16 minutes of flight time and the ability to create panoramic images and shallow depth of field, you have a gadget that's fully capable of helping you get jaw-dropping aerial shots.

Learn more about the DJI Spark Mini Drone.

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