Top 10 Gifts for Photographers Under $150 - 2017 Edition

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Shopping for photographers can be a tough task during the holidays for a couple of reasons.

First, by and large, photography gear is expensive.

Second, there's just a ton of great gear out there, so it can be hard to decide what the photographer in your life might want the most.

We're here to help, with this list of 10 of the best photography gifts for less than $150.

Vanguard VEO 2 235AB Tripod

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Many photographers need a lightweight, super portable tripod for taking photos on the go. If you have one such photographer to buy for this Christmas, you should consider giving them the Vanguard VEO 2 235AB tripod.

This tripod is made of magnesium and aircraft aluminum alloy, so it weighs a mere 3.1 pounds, but it can hold a load up to 13.2 pounds. What’s more, with 5 leg sections, it can extend to a height of 57.1 inches for easy eye-level shooting. Each leg can be positioned at three different angles to accommodate uneven terrain, too.

Its advanced Twist Lock system allows for fast and rock-solid setup of the tripod in mere seconds so there’s less of a chance of missing critical shots. It also has a dedicated suspension loop for adding ballast for additional stability in windy conditions. Paired with its angled rubber feet, this tripod has tons of stability-enhancing features.

And even though this tripod is priced below $150, it comes with a multi-action ball head with knobs for locking, panning, and friction control. That makes this tripod an even better deal!

Learn more about the Vanguard VEO 2 235AB Tripod.

4V Design SELLA Neck Strap

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Those flimsy neck straps that come with cameras are just about the worst feature of modern-day camera systems. Fortunately for the photographer in your life, you can help them upgrade their strap to something that’s out of this world.

This holiday, consider the 4V Design SELLA Neck Strap as the ideal gift for the photographer on your list. These professional leather straps are made of Tuscany leather, meaning they’re not only rich, supple, and comfortable on the neck, but they’re also incredibly beautiful, too.

The Slow-Memory foam padding and the Ultra Grip technology on the strap means it will conform to your loved one’s neck and won’t slip, either. And with 32cm of length range, it’s adjustable to fit any size of body. That makes for a comfortable and a safe carrying experience!

Speaking of safe, the military standard polyamide camera attachment and metal buckles ensure durability for decades of use. But don’t think that this strap is strictly utilitarian - the hand-painted detailing on the strap gives it a touch of customization and class.

If you’re after a gift that’s sure to wow, consider giving the gift of a 4V Design SELLA Neck Strap!

Learn more about the 4V Design SELLA Neck Strap.

Sirui A-1005 Aluminum Tripod

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A great introductory tripod, the Sirui A-1005 model offers an incredible number of features for the price.

It has a center column that raises for extra height and can be inverted to get extra low, that way the photographer on your holiday list can get a different perspective on the subject being photographed.

If you need to be a little more mobile to follow your subject, you can even detach one of the tripod’s legs and use it as a monopod.

But that’s not the only convenient feature your loved one will enjoy - the legs fold up 180-degrees to make it extra compact for storage and carrying, and each leg has an automatic angle lock mechanism for quick and easy setup.

No matter if the photographer in your life enjoys portraits, landscapes, street scenes, or something in between, the Sirui A-1005 will help them get better shots.

Learn more about the Sirui A-1005 Aluminum Tripod.

Sew Trendy Emerlie Gown

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Sthefanie Souza Photography

If you have an expecting mom on your holiday list this year, don’t just focus on getting her gifts for her baby. Give her gifts for her, too!

A wonderful option is the Emerlie Gown by Sew Trendy.

This gorgeous gown has a slim fit cut that shows off her body’s curves and highlights her baby bump, and cascades to the floor for a look that’s not just elegant, but is also a touch romantic, too.

That makes the Emerlie Gown a perfect idea for a maternity photo shoot. It’s soft and comfortable, form-fitting and flattering, and tailored for a custom look. She can even wear it as a non-maternity gown as well!

Learn more about the Sew Trendy Emerlie Gown.

CanvasHQ 36x24 Canvas Print

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If you really want to make a statement with a gift that has true wow factor, a 36x24 canvas print should do the trick!

For the best canvases, you can’t go wrong with CanvasHQ, an experienced printer with a commitment to creating top-quality products. Trust me - I have a number of CanvasHQ prints in my home!

This 36x24 canvas is a great size for a showcase piece on the wall of your loved one’s home. The .75-inch thickness offers just enough depth on the sides of the canvas to give it a little separation from the wall, but without distracting the eye from the gorgeous print. You can even have the canvas placed in a frame later on if you wish, making it a flexible option to meet your gift-buying needs.

And don’t think that ordering a print of this size is a tough process, either. With CanvasHQ, you get free digital proofs so you’re sure that the image meets your wishes. And even if the proofs don’t turn out how you’d expected, no worries! CanvasHQ will make minor tweaks to help you achieve your artistic vision.

Even better, since CanvasHQ is a small, family-owned business, they’re at-the-ready to help make your experience one that you’ll rave about to your friends and family. Call, write, or hit up the live chat with questions or concerns, and a real, live CanvasHQ employee will help you out!

Learn more about CanvasHQ 36x24 Prints.

Wolverine Data F2D Titan 8-in-1 High Definition Film to Digital Converter

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A question that a lot of photographers have on their minds is, “What can I do with my old 35mm negatives and slides?” If you have one such photographer in the family, think about getting them the ultimate photography gift this holiday season - the Wolverine Data F2D Titan.

This bad boy allows you to convert your old 35mm/127/126 & 110 negatives, slides, 8mm and Super 8 movies into 20-megapixel digital images in mere seconds. Literally - you push a button, and the Titan does the rest without the need for any additional software or even a computer!

Each scanned image is saved to the Titan’s internal memory, or you can opt to save them straight to an SD/SDHC memory card. You can transfer the images to your Mac or PC for storage or editing, or if you want to quickly view the images, you can hook the Titan up to your TV to watch a slideshow (TV cable not included).

In other words, this is an ideal gift for photographers that have a ton of old negatives, or even a friend or family member that’s been hanging onto their old memories, but unable to do much with them. Give them the gift of organizing their photos and being able to enjoy their old memories quickly and easily too!

Learn more about the Wolverine Data F2D Titan 8-in-1 High Definition Film to Digital Converter.

Sew Trendy Miriam Gown

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Iga Logan Photography

A holiday gift that has an elegance about it with a soft, luxurious touch is the Sew Trendy Miriam Gown.

Surprise the mom-to-be in your life with this handcrafted gown, designed to be comfortable, versatile, and look great, too. The dress comes with various options, including a front center split, a side split to show a little more leg or a no-split option for additional coverage. And with a straight top and off the shoulder long sleeves, it’s the perfect gown for gatherings, events, and photo shoots for expecting moms.

The heavy knit material is both flattering and comfortable and has a soft flow to it that adds a bit of whimsy without feeling heavy or in the way. And with non-maternity options available, it’s a great idea for the ladies on your holiday list that aren’t expecting at the moment either!

Learn more about the Sew Trendy Miriam Gown.

Microsoft Surface Dial

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If you're looking for a gift for a photographer that'll help them with their daily workflow on their Surface Book, Laptop, Studio, or another Surface device, consider a Microsoft Surface Dial.

The Dial is a totally new way of interacting with a computer because it allows you to store, access, navigate, and customize the process of working to suit your specific needs.

That's something your favorite photographer is sure to appreciate!

It's easier to control a Surface machine, get in and out of menus, turn music up or down, and access shortcuts.

It's even compatible with creative software so tasks like drawing, sketching, and editing photos become a total breeze!

Learn more about the Microsoft Surface Dial.

Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Circular Graduated Neutral Density Filter

Circular Firecrest ND Soft Grad 2 image

One of the most important filters for landscape photographers is a graduated neutral density filter.

Graduated neutral density filters (like the one above) give landscape photographers the ability to darken bright skies to bring down the dynamic range for an improved exposure.

In other words, it helps balance out the brightness of the sky and the darkness of the foreground for a final image that has a much better exposure from top to bottom.

Formatt-Hitech makes some of the best filters in the business -  their graduated neutral density filters have Firecrest rare earth metal coatings to help generate hyper neutral results with no color casts.

In other words, if the photographer on your list complains about sub par results when they're photographing landscapes, this will help them elevate their game!

Learn more about the Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Circular Neutral Density Soft Edge Grad Filter.

Vanguard UP-RISE II 45

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One of the problems that photographers face is being able to carry all the gear they need, but do so in a way that's comfortable for them and keeps their gear organized and easily accessible.

To solve that problem, get your photography holiday shopping done with the Vanguard UP-RISE II 45.

This backpack will hold a pro-level DSLR, 4-5 lenses, a flash, camera accessories like batteries and memory cards, and a tripod.

It's got a quick-action side access panel that will give your favorite photographer access to his or her gear in mere seconds.

With an ergonomic air system back and harness, they'll be comfortable carrying all that gear, too.

It's even got an integrated rain cover, so if the weather goes south, their gear will remain protected.

If the photographer on your list loves adventure, get them outfitted with this bag this holiday season!

Learn more about the Vanguard UP-RISE II 45.

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