Banning Camera Batteries on Flights Could Receive a Push Forward: Camera Battery Explodes at Orlando Airport

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Last month, we published an article that spoke about certain folks lobbying to ban camera batteries on flights because of a risk that the batteries might explode.

Well, the push to ban camera batteries is likely to take a step forward after one exploded at Orlando International Airport the other day.

As witnesses reported after the incident, the explosion of the lithium-ion battery sounded like a gunshot, causing panic and alarm in the terminal. The video below by Storyful News shows the aftermath:

Naturally, police responded in force, grateful that the sound wasn't a gunshot, but some guy's camera battery blowing up instead.

As it turns out, the battery had overheated inside its compartment in the camera, leading to the explosion.

But the event wasn't just bad news for the photographer whose camera is now a melted hunk of plastic...

The area was evacuated, but only after many travelers who were startled by the sound of the exploding battery had fled.

That meant that they had to go through security checkpoints again before they could board their flights.

Adding to the chaos was the fact that a number of flights were held on the ground and 24 flights were canceled altogether, causing delays for thousands of travelers for hours after the incident.

The video below shows scores of people waiting in line, trying to reschedule their travels after the all clear was given. 

And all that over a camera battery!

I always travel with my camera gear, so believe me, I'm not excited about this. I mean, if you've traveled in recent months with your camera gear, you know that TSA already requires a separate screening for your camera.

But because of incidents just like the one in Orlando, the arguments for banning camera batteries in checked baggage is sure to gain steam.

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Some have called the proposed ban preposterous, but as it turns out, the researchers who made the warning about exploding camera batteries knew what they were talking about.

Just imagine if the battery had exploded while on the plane. It could have caused a catastrophe. Scary stuff.

I, for one, will be traveling with my batteries separate from my cameras from now on, and so should you.


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