Fun Photography Products to Boost Your Sales

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Part of developing a successful photography business that's sustainable for the long-term is developing a product line that speaks to customers.

What's more, you need to constantly evaluate the products you offer and adjust your offerings as needed to keep things fresh, fun, and in demand.

There are plenty of excellent photography products you can offer your clients, too, from parent albums to USBs, triplex displays to folio boxes.

Parent Album

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If you're a wedding photographer, you want to help make the big day special for the parents of the betrothed.

You can do that with a Parent Album!

Parent Albums by nPhoto are mini albums that are an ideal keepsake for parents.

These albums lay flat for an improved viewing experience, and with a variety of cover options, you can create a bespoke album that perfectly matches the style of your clients' main wedding album.

It's not only something that parents will enjoy, but it's a great upsell product that you can add to your wedding packages. It's a win-win!

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USB Photo Case

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There's no mistaking it - we live in a digital world.

And as such, clients will demand that their images be delivered digitally.

But rather than emailing a link to their private photo gallery, why not dress it up a little with a USB Photo Case?

Outside, the cover of the case can be customized to your liking, with various cover elements like images, text, graphics, and more.

Inside, you can include an image or graphic or simply leave it blank if you wish.

Either way, when your clients get their USB drive full of images, they're sure to love the extra effort you put into the presentation.

It's a great add-on or gift idea as well, so again, you can use this to upsell your clients and get more money coming in.

Triplex Photo Display

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Another top idea to implement into your product line this year is a Triplex Photo Display from nPhoto.

These stately displays offer your clients a gorgeous, yet cost-effective way to give the gift of photos to their loved ones.

Naturally, the display accommodates three images, which you can use to tell a beautiful visual story.

The display's cover is a gorgeous leatherette that looks and feels like the handcrafted product that it is!

Better still, it's got a small form factor, so it's something your clients can purchase for themselves or other people that want a beautiful photo display, but don't have a ton of room.

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Folio Box

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If you're looking for the ideal way to present matted or mounted prints, a folio box is it.

These folio boxes by nPhoto include a gorgeously handcrafted box that you can personalize to suit your clients' taste.

The cover can be customized with more than 60 different options of cover materials, text, laser etching, and sizes that range from 5x7 to 12x16.

Inside, you can store a set of 5-20 images that are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Silk Paper and then mounted on foam or matted.

Matted prints can be further customized with six mat colors and are about 3mm thick. For a heftier presentation, you can opt for foam mounting, which results in a 5mm thick image.

Final Thoughts

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Really, no matter what options you choose to offer, you'll be giving your clients products that are gorgeously made, customizable to their tastes, and that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The point is that if you want to improve your bottom line and increase your sales, you have to be picky about the products that you sell your clients.

By opting to partner with nPhoto - which has a reputation as one of the premier printers in the game - you'll set yourself up for success for many, many years to come.

You can learn more about nPhoto's complete line of products by visiting their website at

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