16 Incredible iPad Apps For Any Photographer

ipad-3-concept image As more and more photographers turn to the iPad to serve as a digital assistant, they also need an appropriate array of apps to customize the iPad’s functionality for their type of photography. You’re sure to discover a few that will become your favorites in this PhotographyTalk.com.

1. Photo Slides is the perfect app to make your iPad a design element in your home or office when you’re not actively using it. It becomes a digital photo frame displaying beautiful photos from Flickr. Photo Slides is free.

2. Camerabag transforms photos into the classic camera and film looks of the past. Try, for example, Helga, which simulates a square-format toy camera that blooms the highlights and adds vignetting similar to the early days of photography. Colorcross produces a foggy, chemically induced effect in colors. Magazine gives your photos a glossy sheen, as you would expect to see in a classy publication. Camerabag is only $1.99.

3. The Adobe Photoshop Express app is a powerful and playful app. You can crop, rotate or adjust the colors of any photo with touch-screen control. The app also gives you access to Photoshop.com where you can store and display many more photo albums, freeing the memory of your iPad. With this app, you can also upload your photos directly to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Better yet, Adobe Photoshop Express is free.

4. The 100 Cameras in 1 app gives you a huge selection of 100 different editing effects, so you can create virtually totally new images from a single photo. This app is just $3.99.

5. Try the Filterstorm app when you’ve reached the limit of what you can do with Photoshop Express. With Filterstorm, you have control of curves manipulation, color correction, noise reduction, sharpening, vignetting and black and white conversion fine-tuning. You can also use brush, color range and gradient to activate any of the filters in the app. Filterstorm is $3.99.

6. PhotoSync is an iPad app that allows you to transfer your photos and videos to and from your computer, other devices, Dropbox and Flickr wirelessly. It’s only $1.99.

7. When you need an additional light source during a shoot, put the Lightkit app to work. It includes 12 different light sources that will enhance whatever subject or object you are shooting. Create and control reflections from macro subjects, products and many general subjects and objects. Lightkit is $1.99.

8. Professional photographers will love the iPad app, Easy Release. It provides model release and property release forms in a digital format, which can then be emailed to models, property owners or the photographer. Easy Release is just $9.99.

9. HelloPhoto is a critical acclaimed app that has been downloaded more than 50,000 times around the world. With it, you can digitize negatives and slides from your film shooting days. A beautiful solution for preserving the past for only $1.99.

10. Use the Guardian Eyewitness app to discover the photos that are showcasing daily events around the globe. It’s a visual news source as well as an excellent learning tool, as you study how other photographers record the life around them. This app is free.

11. Protect your work with the free Impression app that adds a watermark to your photos. This app allows you to make changes to your watermarks, such as the size of the text and its position on the photo.

12. Eye Color Booth HD is a fascinating iPad app that transforms the iris of either uninteresting or attractive eyes in your portraits to a single, multi-colored or full-spectrum effect. Eye Color Booth HD is just $1.99.

13.  A major Apple-focused Web site named Folio HD as the #1 app for photographers. It is a gallery of fine art images created in collaboration with photographer Jason Hallmark. Plus, you can use the app to communicate with models, makeup artists and hair stylists to expand your knowledge about taking similarly stunning images. Folio HD is $4.99.

14. Use the Instagallery app to access Instagram photos to view and to become part of the conversation about the photos. Instagallery is just $1.99.

15. The DecoSama app allows you to embellish your photos with various design elements, including more than 300 illustrations and new ones added regularly. You can also use your photos to design postcards, gift cards, etc. DecoSama is $0.99.

16. Transform your photos into the Impressionistic style of Monet and other Impressionist painters with MobileMonet Free, a free iPad app.

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