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Maureen Young replied to the topic 'Omaha Beach' in the forum. less than a minute ago

Update in history and great shots :thumbsup:


Maureen Young created a new topic ' Financial question for photographers who run a business' in the forum. 9 minutes ago

I've been using my debit card from my bank for my business (it's a business checking account).  I want to sign up for a credit card for my business and was looking to find out which credit card offers the most perks for business owners? 

If you can suggest which to stay away, that would be helpful too.  Thank you.


Elaine Ussery created a new topic ' Anyone have a valid Zenfolio coupon code?' in the forum. 1 hour 15 minutes ago

Post what you have and how long ago you knew it worked.  Thank you!


Steven Bennett replied to the topic 'ABC's of Cities and Towns from around the world!' in the forum. 2 hours 30 minutes ago



Well I voted for Pedro 


Jason replied to the topic 'Photographers on NFL Super Bowl side lines?' in the forum. 2 hours 33 minutes ago

Well the rubbing elbows does sound like a decent perk, however I'd pass that up for another zero on the end of my pay check any day.  Good click, helpful 'gee I wonder' information.  


Nazmul Islam is friends with Joe

David shared a photo. 5 hours 21 minutes ago
Jason created a new topic ' Photographers on NFL Super Bowl side lines?' in the forum. 6 hours 20 minutes ago

You might be surprised to learn that there is a big game on today that many are watching.  Including me!   Any idea what those photographers are getting paid?  I'm talking about the photographers on the side lines of the Super Bowl game?


They'll give her internet privileges again tomorrow....


And no more Pinkie.


John Landolfi replied to the topic 'Omaha Beach' in the forum. 7 hours 54 minutes ago

Thanks. Seeing it brings the history to life.


I'd just walk away....


John Landolfi replied to the topic 'ABC's of Last Names!' in the forum. 7 hours 56 minutes ago



John Landolfi replied to the topic 'ABC's of Cities and Towns from around the world!' in the forum. 7 hours 57 minutes ago
Douglas Larson replied to the topic 'Clarification of Light Meter Brands, Models and Manufacturers' in the forum. 9 hours 20 minutes ago

After reading the site provided by screamin scott, I see that Shepherd (I had misspelled it earlier) distributes Polaris brand light meters.

But I have to say that information about the company Shepherd is extremely difficult to find. It may be nonexistent. Since they are a distributor, maybe they believe that they don't need a website or to advertise at all. But I find it more than a little odd that the Aspen corporation, the manufacturer of the Polaris brand of light meter has NO mention of Shepherd anywhere on their website. They could have included a single sentence something along the lines of this "Polaris light meters are distributed (Worldwide, in North America, ?) by Shepherd Distributing." But they didn't.

This is my last post on this topic.

I never learned why the Polaris Karat model, supposedly a new model from Aspen and easily found on retail sites like B&H photo or Adorama or Amazon, cannot be found or mentioned at all anywhere on Aspen's website.
What you can find on Aspen's website is mention of the Polaris Dual 5, which they state is their newest model. Download of a Polaris Dual 5 spec sheet seems to show a publication date of 2009. So maybe the Polaris Karat really is the newest and no information is available from manufacturer Aspen yet.

I suspect I will never really know anything substantial about the mysterious Shepherd company/distributor.


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