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Sean replied to the topic 'Possible making money with model photography work?' in the forum. 44 minutes ago

Ben Vanderbilt wrote:

You can make money at anything if you market yourself right

:agree:  I couldn't agree more.   Not only marketing yourself right, but also HAVE a market to start with.   


Sean replied to the topic 'Is your photo on your business card?' in the forum. 45 minutes ago

Not on mine either.  I like my cards clean


That can only be met with a Glasgow kiss!


Tim commented on ronquickphotography's photo 48 minutes ago

I have to say, this is a great B&W shot!

lonely shop

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Tim created a new topic ' Best photo scanner' in the forum. 50 minutes ago

I always get distracted on this site and nearly forget to post the question I came here to ask!  lol

I'm after a single sheet photo scanner.  Can you suggest one please?  

Thank you


Janet replied to the topic '70-200mm was just stolen!' in the forum. 59 minutes ago

Is your insurance going to cover full value of the lens?  


Tim replied to the topic 'Sto-Fen for YN-560 flash' in the forum. 1 hour 3 minutes ago

Looks like there are a couple on eBay too


Tim replied to the topic 'Things that annoy you, that clients ask you?' in the forum. 1 hour 17 minutes ago

effron wrote:

Kenta wrote:
OH my, you had someone ask to rent your camera?!  ha ha ha what nerve!!

I had another one, a biker wedding, and upon delivery and to pick up my final payment (50%) they wanted to pay me in drugs. Stranger still, it was the mother of the bride that hired me and wanted me to take the dope in lieu of cash.......
(I held out for the money)........I miss California.......:whistle:

Ok, this one takes the prize!  :rofl:


Tim replied to the topic 'Things that annoy you, that clients ask you?' in the forum. 1 hour 18 minutes ago

I can't believe you had a client asking you to use your camera vs hiring you!  Now that is comedy!!