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That is two-sure.
sure, sure, sure, sure is for-sure.


Fess Walker replied to the topic 'What is longest lens for photography?' in the forum. 9 minutes ago

ha ha ha  Might need a different mount 


Ruby F. Grace replied to the topic '1 shot out 200,000 - Iconic Image in Grand Teton -Amazing shot!!' in the forum. 9 minutes ago

+1 100%  such a well timed shot!


I don't like your attitude bump :watching:


Randy A. Myers replied to the topic 'Sony A6300 on back order??' in the forum. 27 minutes ago

Lots of camera makers are behind on output. The Sony sensor facility was shut down 4 months due to the earthquake. Fuji seems unaffected as it ordered and had on hand it's sensors for the new XT-2 before the quake happened. Right now it's just a matter of time and things will be back to normal.


Fess Walker replied to the topic 'Experience with all in one website services for photographers?' in the forum. 30 minutes ago

Zenfolio and be done with it 


Ruby F. Grace replied to the topic 'B&H bought Calumet?' in the forum. 36 minutes ago

So that company owns Calumet and Polaroid?  Seems like they picked up a few almost lost souls!  That's good, Calumet was a good brand.  I like Polaroid too, but just haven't done business with them since I owned one of their cameras back in the 70's.  


Yeah.. exactly.. 


He better sit, he'll get awful tired of standing......


astrodave replied to the topic 'Astrophotography set up' in the forum. 1 hour 20 minutes ago

No it actually looks like this. This was a test shot in March to see how may new imaging system would work this summer. That's the Astrovan in the foreground. It can be driven virtually anywhere but only up to 50mph.
Eliffman wrote:

astrodave wrote:
Like everything else in life there is a need to know a budget. If you have unlimited budget I have a $25k mobile observatory with everything already to go. Top of the line gear and mobile. 

If not There are trackers for $300ish that work well at under 300mm. 

Additionally one of the major issues is weight the mount can care. For some of us its the amount of weight we can care. My main astro mounts can carry 250 lbs but they weigh in at 120 lbs so they are a pain to lug about hence my observatories.

For a DLSR setup a Star Adventurer or an Astrotrac are pretty easy to use and track well up to about 15lbs. I'd recommend either of those to someone wanting to "dabble".

Just my $.02

That mobile observatory sounds so cool, is that something you tow?


Lilia commented on this photo 1 hour 22 minutes ago

Thank you Amanda!

Spring Warmth

astrodave replied to the topic 'Astrophotography set up' in the forum. 1 hour 24 minutes ago

Thats the one. Does a nice job of tracking for the money.
Ryan Obryan wrote:

Hey Dave, just to clarify, you are talking about this one from Sky-Watcher:



You can sit, you can stand, I'll dance. 


astrodave replied to the topic 'Dave Lane Astrophotography - (Killer click)' in the forum. 1 hour 26 minutes ago

Alex, thanks for that. Hopefully i can help a few people manage to not fall in any of the holes I've stumbled into. I believe I have found them all at this point :)


Alex Schult replied to the topic 'Macro Monday - Deep in the Weeds' in the forum. 1 hour 32 minutes ago

Oh yeah, this is a winner!  


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