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Alex Schult replied to the topic 'Macro Monday - Deep in the Weeds' in the forum. 4 minutes ago

A-PeeR wrote:

Thank you for the endorsement Alex!

You are so welcome friend, keep up the amazing work!  


Alex Schult replied to the topic 'Filter holder or Gaffer tape?' in the forum. 5 minutes ago

effron wrote:

It might work, but I can put a filter on without moving the gear using a holder (Lee), I can't imagine doing that using tape....

:agree:  pretty much my thoughts on that too.  Those filters holders make it just to easy.  You slide it in and slide it out.  Never any issues.   


Alex Schult replied to the topic 'Astrophotography set up' in the forum. 11 minutes ago

astrodave wrote:

No it actually looks like this. This was a test shot in March to see how my new imaging system would work this summer. That's the Astrovan in the foreground. It can be driven virtually anywhere but only up to 50mph.
Eliffman wrote:
astrodave wrote:
Like everything else in life there is a need to know a budget. If you have unlimited budget I have a $25k mobile observatory with everything already to go. Top of the line gear and mobile. 

If not There are trackers for $300ish that work well at under 300mm. 

Additionally one of the major issues is weight the mount can care. For some of us its the amount of weight we can care. My main astro mounts can carry 250 lbs but they weigh in at 120 lbs so they are a pain to lug about hence my observatories.

For a DLSR setup a Star Adventurer or an Astrotrac are pretty easy to use and track well up to about 15lbs. I'd recommend either of those to someone wanting to "dabble".

Just my $.02

That mobile observatory sounds so cool, is that something you tow?

Astrovan?  No no Dave... that is the Command Station 3.0!  ha ha ha Seriously that rig is cool as heck!  What does the inside look like?  


Alex Schult replied to the topic 'Astrophotography set up' in the forum. 14 minutes ago

effron wrote:

Alex wrote:
effron wrote:
I'm from Los Angeles (grew up in Long Beach) now live in SW New Hampshire. I miss much about the west. Hot tip on night photography for people out there, the Owens river valley, south of Bishop....I haven't been there since I went digital.....:(

No kidding!  Do you get out here much?  Heck if you do... hit me up, let's do lunch or Starbucks!  

New Hampshire... are you out in the country?  

Kind of, but not far enough. A hundred miles to Boston, 240 to NY, and twelve to Keene , NH...(pop, 22,000). When I go west now, its to Seattle area, where my oldest son lives. Next trip we plan on heading to the area south of Mono lake. I miss the entire area from Bodie, Mono lake to the high Sierras....(I'm starting to tear up). I still have friends in SoCal so a trip is possible. I'd bump a line if coming....;)

It's beautiful country up there.  Plenty of old New England charm.  You might know, I grew up in upstate NY in small town called Argyle (Population 3,782!)  .  How many kids do you have?  

Seattle?  Great breweries up there.  Do you get into seafood much?  

My door is always open friend... I'll expect that call one day!  


Alex Schult replied to the topic 'Anyone ever shoot a celebrity wedding?' in the forum. 23 minutes ago

Hey hows it going?

Although I don't have any person experience.  I have a friend that has photographed a number of hollywood A listers.  Robert Evans, check out his site:  

Your asking about the a secret sauce to getting your foot into the door... the only advice I can give is to read and digest the bold last sentence pulled from Roberts 'About us' page on his site:  

Robert Evans is one of the most highly acclaimed photographers in the world. Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, Shania Twain, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, Christina Aguilera, Trent Reznor, and Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer are just some of the couples that have sought out his services to photograph their private events. Don’t let the celebrity weddings intimidate you from experiencing Robert’s humility. Robert often shares his favorite clients are the every day couples where he connects and continues a friendship long after the event has passed. “Celebrity weddings is something that chose me; every client of mine is treated with the same passion and detail.”


Alex Schult replied to the topic 'Dave Lane Astrophotography - (Killer click)' in the forum. 30 minutes ago

astrodave wrote:

Alex, thanks for that. Hopefully i can help a few people manage to not fall in any of the holes I've stumbled into. I believe I have found them all at this point :)

No thanks needed bud, just calling it as it is!   BTW how often are you getting out?  


Alex Schult replied to the topic 'B&H bought Calumet?' in the forum. 32 minutes ago

effron wrote:

Hey Alex, you might check your own site....

second post.....;)

(chuckling)  Good idea!  

Yeah I saw your post however you seemed unsure, so I dug a little to validate your answer.  :beerbang:


Mitch and 4 others have commented on Alister Benn's photo 45 minutes ago


Lost in Paradise

Mitch replied to the topic 'Ordered DJI Phantom 4, then saw all the 1 star reviews!!' in the forum. 46 minutes ago

Let me know how that goes, I was looking at getting a DJI Phantom 4.  I see what you mean and would be a bit concerned too.  

Did you get it yet?  


Amy Porter replied to the topic 'What's the last thing you have read?' in the forum. 1 hour 16 minutes ago

News about presidential run 


Kathir S a created a new topic ' Subscription cancellation' in the forum. 1 hour 20 minutes ago

I found a deduction in my bank account for another year subscription and  I never got a receipt that I was charged. Could you please reimburse me and discontinue my membership.
Thank you


Jeff Murphy replied to the topic 'Dave Lane Astrophotography - (Killer click)' in the forum. 1 hour 51 minutes ago

Actually let me ask you if you could have one of the following telescopes, which would you pick and why?

100mm triple refractor - 550mm @ f/5.5


120mm triple refractor - 840mm @ f/7


Zach created a new topic ' Best practices for photographing milky way?' in the forum. 2 hours 1 minute ago

I noticed some astro photography questions here, however didn't see an astro photography section.  Hope it's okay to post it here.  

First off can you photograph the milky way with just your camera and let's say a 24-70mm lens and still get decent shots?  Or do you need to have telescope?  

Second, what in camera settings would you use?

Third and last question, should any filters be used to block certain lights out?  


Mitch replied to the topic 'Macro Monday - Deep in the Weeds' in the forum. 2 hours 7 minutes ago

It's official, I'm a fan and following you!  How long you been shoot bugs?


Amy Porter replied to the topic '1 shot out 200,000 - Iconic Image in Grand Teton -Amazing shot!!' in the forum. 2 hours 9 minutes ago

Good for him, that shot is a head turner  


Jessa Layton replied to the topic 'Why proprietary lens mounts??' in the forum. 2 hours 10 minutes ago

:agree: good post Scott  


Jeff Murphy replied to the topic 'Dave Lane Astrophotography - (Killer click)' in the forum. 2 hours 14 minutes ago

You mind me asking you what would be the set up you would recommend someone just getting started?


Amy Porter created a new topic ' 2 referrals in one day!' in the forum. 2 hours 16 minutes ago

Any best of all, both hired me for their gigs!  

1.  Sweet 16 party
2.  Engagement session

Talk about a good day.  Ahhhh, time to enjoy this nice glass of yummy wine.  


Just stopping by before heading to Park Place