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You need a sense of humour....(did I spell that right?)


Gerald replied to the topic 'What was the first camera that you owned?' in the forum. 13 minutes ago

A KODAK box in 1945....given to me by my parents!! I bought my first DLSR Nikon F in 1966.


Paul Renken created a new topic ' Possible for 2 computer towers to share one monitor?' in the forum. 17 minutes ago

I bought a new computer to replace an old one.  From time to time, there are still files on the old one I want to access.  However I don't want 2 monitors on my desk.  Is there a way that both computers can share the 1 monitor?


You both aren't very nice today, I'm not going to talk to either of you.  


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Hi Caroline, great shot!

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Nice Photo Jack! Where did you take this?

long exposure

She'll be back....


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