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Discussion started by Xeena 4 years ago

I am using Elements 7.  Could some kind soul please explain to me, in baby steps, how to create a watermark that I can save and add to any photos I am uploading to the internet.  A couple of people have tried to explain but they assume I know more than I do.  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks.

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linda reid
linda reid
Watermark on photo using Photoshop Elements 7?

Just put the text in white on a new layer above the photo, and change the layer style to something like overlay or multiply, then adjust the layer's opacity until it looks right.

3 years ago
CJ Chidester
CJ Chidester
Is your logo a graphic? or just text? Either way what you want to do is place it on a transparent background then take the rectangular marquis tool from the pallet on the left and draw a rectangle around your logo, website, or copyright name and click "Edit" then click "Define Brush Preset". Then all you have to do with any picture you want to put on the web, is select your paintbrush tool from the pallet on the left, then change your brush shape to the logo you just created and click on your picture to add the logo. The nice thing about making your logo into a brush tip is you can quickly resize it by changing the size of the brush head...

hope that helps...
4 years ago