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reynaldolouise shared a photo. 1 minute ago

Owen created a new topic ' Buying camera gear from Overstock?' in the forum. 11 minutes ago

I'm always concerned about running into hookie pookie gear.  Anyone ever buy camera gear from Overstock?  I've seen there TV commercials, but still can't help to be cautions.  


Don fischer replied to the topic 'Canon iP 100 printer and Pro 9000 MKII' in the forum. 13 minutes ago

I don't think I'm qualified to answer that but, I can't fault the iP 100 at all. To me, there's no difference.


Peter Nunez created a new topic ' Rokinon 85MAF-N 85mm F1.4 on a Nikon D810' in the forum. 14 minutes ago

I have a job coming up that I don't want to travel with to much $$ gear, so going cheap where I can.  $329 for a f/1.4 85mm, how much a head ache am I up for with this lens?  

I don't know why I'm posting now, I already ordered it.  Well, leave your 2 cents if you can.  Thank you.


Alexander replied to the topic 'Do you travel with all your gear?' in the forum. 17 minutes ago

Camera body and usually 2-3 lenses and one flash 


Cliff Howl replied to the topic 'What's the last thing you ate?' in the forum. 23 minutes ago

Cupcake that my wife made for our kids 


Rob Conley replied to the topic 'ABC's of Cities and Towns from around the world!' in the forum. 23 minutes ago



Glenn Gee replied to the topic 'Went out this morning to experiment' in the forum. 32 minutes ago

Man that lighting is spot on. Good stuff!


Glenn Gee replied to the topic '2nd shooter liability question at wedding gig' in the forum. 34 minutes ago

Ask your insurance company. Better safe than sorry.


Cliff Howl replied to the topic 'NightWalker' in the forum. 40 minutes ago

I'll second that, this is thinking outside the box!  


Glenn Gee replied to the topic 'DSLR not allowed in baseball game?' in the forum. 42 minutes ago

I took a little Canon Rebel into a Colorado Rockies game without any issue a few years ago. I was watching the game last night and noticed a fan a couple rows back with a DSLR as well. So either some stadiums allow DSLRs or maybe we just got the attendant that didn't care.


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Good stuff! I especially like the pops of fall colors in the background.