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Richard Taylor replied to the topic 'Word association game.' in the forum. 39 minutes ago

Brad Vahrenkamp replied to the topic 'Have you had a client flake on you for a scheduled photo shoot?' in the forum. 44 minutes ago

My contract states that I get to keep the deposit.  However this person paid 100% up front.  


Kenta Cook replied to the topic 'Site update: New forum experience' in the forum. 54 minutes ago

I like everything but the font color, please make a shade or two darker


John Gammill replied to the topic 'Hand painted canvas and muslin photography backdrops?' in the forum. 56 minutes ago

Joslyn wrote:

Now the hand painted ones, when they get folded, will the paint crack quicker?  

Their not supposed too, at least the good ones aren't


John Gammill commented on gabislegrova's photo 59 minutes ago

You get a A++++++++ for creativity! Seriously, impressive stuff here.


John Gammill and Richard Taylor have commented on MartinHroch's photo 1 hour 5 minutes ago

+1 Agree with Richard on this one.

Cliffs Of Moher

John Gammill replied to the topic 'State Fair' in the forum. 1 hour 7 minutes ago

Good for you!  That is exciting.  These are great shots.   Are they going to allow you to sell the photos at the fair?  How does that work?