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Brenda created a new topic ' Using filter step down rings' in the forum. less than a minute ago

All my filters are 77mm and I was wondering if I get a filter step down rings.  What downside is there to using this set up on smaller lenses?  Do you get any vignetting when using step down rings?  


Thank you, see you later 


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Gus replied to the topic 'What was the first camera that you owned?' in the forum. 50 minutes ago

Polaroid Onestep for me. Maybe in 1978?? Us kids had a blast with that thing. Mum probably still has it in the attic, in fact.


Jane replied to the topic 'What are you thinking of this very moment thread?' in the forum. 52 minutes ago

This person is speaking for long time!  


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Jane replied to the topic 'Word association game.' in the forum. 58 minutes ago

Gus replied to the topic 'Why people don't smile in photos from 1800's?' in the forum. 1 hour 1 minute ago

Didn't exposures back then take a couple of minutes? Can you even imagine staying still for that long? Or having a kid sit still for that long?!


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Gus replied to the topic 'How far will you drive for photography gigs?' in the forum. 1 hour 19 minutes ago

I usually restrict it to 50 miles, but if it's a big enough gig with a big enough payday, I might go 100-150 miles without charging mileage.


Tim replied to the topic 'Colors Nikon vs Canon' in the forum. 1 hour 20 minutes ago

Good topic, just not sure how you would test accurately.  As mentioned each camera can be optimized.  Well, perhaps after that.  Then you would need to have specs close to the same on each.  

Interesting, would be cool to see any scientific data on this.  


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phaller replied to the topic 'American Plum tree' in the forum. 1 hour 34 minutes ago

Spring is my favorite time of the year. Thank for posting such beautiful photos to remind me of how wonderful spring is!


phaller replied to the topic 'Dressed in Yellow' in the forum. 1 hour 40 minutes ago

Just lovely! Worthy of hanging on the wall!


John Landolfi replied to the topic 'What was the first camera that you owned?' in the forum. 2 hours ago

The first camera I used used to be my father's, a Kodak fold up for 120 film with a little prism foldout viewfinder and a lever shutter release on the side of the lens. My first "modern" camera was a Nikkorex (film) with a 50mm fixed Nikkor lens. I still have some of the prints.  My firstSLR was a Nikkorex F, followed by an F2sb, which I still use. And the first DSLR was a D1x, now a paperweight. Ah, memories...:)